Tippecanoe has four champions, wins MVL tennis title


SIDNEY — The Tippecanoe girls tennis team wrapped up the MVL title Tuesday at the league tournament.

The Red Devils had four firsts and a second to win the team title with 44 points.

Troy finished third in the tournament and Piqua finished eighth.

In the final standings, Tipp was first, Troy was third and Piqua was eighth.


Tippecanoe’s Nicki Bauer finished second, Troy’s Nina Short was third and Piqua’s Diya Patel was eighth.

Bauer defeated Kyleigh Smith of Fairborn 8-0, defeated Short 8-0 in the semifinals and lost to Natalie Schoenherr of Butler 8-1.

Short had advanced to the semifinals by beating Lena Ho of Stebbins 8-2. She bounced back with an 8-0 win over Sadie Lance of Greenville in the third-place match.

Patel defeated Alyssa Echols of Sidney 6-1, lost to Schoenherr 8-0, lost to Ho 8-4 and lost to Amber Hudepohl of West Carrollton 8-2.


Ellie Waibel of Tippecanoe was champion, Elizabeth Niemi of Troy finished second and Abby Smay of Piqua took 10th.

Waibel defeated Gabby Mann of Stebbins and Fairborn’s Tayla Green by matching 8-1 scores and got past Niemi 8-5 in the title match.

Niemi defeated Tori Dement of Xenia 8-1 and Hannah Faulkner of Butler 8-3 to advance to the title match.

Smay lost to Mann 6-3 and lost to Cierra Mullenix of Sidney 8-1.


Mia Tobias of Tippecanoe was champion, Josie Romick of Troy was third and Alexa Fogt of Piqua was eighth.

Tobias defeated Madison Henry of Stebbins 8-0, Rylee Hensley of Fairborn 8-1 and topped Dani Riggs of Butler 8-3 in the title match.

Romick defeated Sarah Savoy of Greenville 8-0, lost to Riggs 8-6 in the semifinals and defeated Hensley 8-2 in the third-place match.

Fogt defeated Brooklyn Rinderle of West Carrollton 6-0, lost to Riggs 8-0, lost to Desaree Miller of Sidney 8-4 and lost to Savoy 8-5.


Tippecanoe’s Riya Patel and Eliza Zweizig were champions, Troy’s Olivia Johnston and Casey Rogers finished third and Piqua’s Sierra Leonard and Nataya Yaqub finished fifth.

Patel and Zweizig defeated Stebbins 8-2, Fairborn 8-0 and Butler 8-0 in the title match.

Johnston and Rogers defeated West Carrollton 8-4, lost to Butler 8-4 and defeated Fairborn 8-5 in the third-place match.

Leonard and Yaqub lost to Butler 8-1, defeated Stebbins 8-3 and defeated West Carrollton 8-3 in the fifth-place match.


Tippecanoe’s Morgan Collins and Kara Snipes were champions, Troy’s Katie Bertke and Gwen Turnbull finished second and Piqua’s Allison Hick and Ava Owens finished eighth.

Collins and Snipes had a perfect run through the tournament, defeating Xenia and Fairborn 8-0 to advance to the title match and defeating Bertke and Turnbull 8-0.

Bertke and Turnbull defeated West Carrollton 8-2 and Butler 8-3 to advance to the title match.

Hicks and Owens lost to Fairborn 8-1, Stebbins 8-1 and Xenia.

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