Tippecanoe sweeps MVL tennis tournament; Troy takes second in MVL, Piqua seventh


SIDNEY — The Tippecanoe boys tennis team won all five titles at the MVL tennis tournament Wednesday to score a perfect 45 points after going 9-0 in the regular season in the MVL, wrapping the league title.

Troy tied fourth with Greenville in the tournament and finished second overall in the final standings.

Piqua finished seventh in the tournament and in the final standings

For Tippecanoe, Kessler Hackenberger won the first singles title.

He defeated Josh Partee of Piqua 8-1, Yasashi Masunaga of Troy 8-2 and Grant Hoying of Sidney 8-1 in the title match.

At second singles, Luke Blake defeated Derek Cambazaca of West Carrollton 8-1, Charlie Stiver of Butler 8-2 and got past Henry Johnston of Troy 8-5 in the title match.

At third singles. Cameron Davis defeated Kaiden Hunter of Stebbins 8-0, Rueben Valasco of Butler 8-3 and Hayden Picarello of Fairborn 8-2 in the title match.

At first doubles, Aaron Davis and Sean Nichols of Tippecanoe defeated West Carrollton 8-0, Butler 8-3 and Greenville 8-2 in the title match.

At second doubles, Ryan Hartke and Grant Vonderheide defeated West Carrollton 8-1, Leo Gluck and Troy Whitehead of Troy 8-0 and Butler 8-6 in the title match.

For Troy, Masunaga finished third at first singles.

He defeated Kristoff Manni of Troy 8-4 before losing to Hackenberger.

Masunaga defeated Sam Steck of Fairborn in the third-place match 8-2.

Johnston finished second at second singles.

He defeated Cael Barr of Piqua 8-4 and Mason Pierri of Greenville 8-4 before losing to Blake in the title match.

Cam Lambardo finished seventh at third singles.

He lost to Picarello 8-3 and Simon Snyder of Greenville 8-4, before defeating Hunter 8-4.

Michael Burns and Aiden Miller finished sixth at first doubles.

They lost to Sidney 8-5, defeated Phillip Rossman and Seth Foster of Piqua 8-2 and lost to Fairborn 9-7 in the fifth-place match.

Gluck and Whitehead took fourth at second doubles.

They defeated PJ Huang and Seth Staley of Piqua 8-6 before losing to Tippecanoe.

They defeated Greenville 8-2 in the third-place match.

For Piqua, Partee finished eighth at first singles.

He defeated Nate Tackett of Stebbins 6-0, before losing to Hackenberger.

He lost to Manni 8-6 and lost the seventh-place match to Seth Bernal of West Carrollton 8-5.

Barr finished eighth at second singles.

He defeated Garrett Shaw of Xenia 6-1 before losing to Johnston.

Barr then lost to Conley New of Sidney 8-3 and lost to Cambazaca 8-4 in the seventh-place match.

Lance Staley finished sixth at third singles.

He lost to Velasco 8-1, before defeating Hunter 8-3.

Staley lost to Snyder 8-3 in the fifth-place match.

Rossman and Foster finished seventh at first doubles.

They defeated Stebbins, before losing to Greenville 8-1.

After losing to Troy, they defeated West Carrollton 8-6 in the seventh-place match.

Huang and Seth Staley finished sixth.

After losing to Troy, they defeated West Carrollton 8-2.

They lost to Sidney 8-4 in the fifth-place match.

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