Tour de Donut!


TROY – The annual Tour de Donut event was kicked off on Friday, Aug. 26, with the Donut Jam event hosted by Troy Main Street. Booths, activities, and several food tents and trucks lined the circle in preparation for the bicycle race.

Corey Breth performed first downtown Troy, followed by Zack Attack. Several children’s activities were hosted by Brukner Nature Center, COSI Mobile Exhibit, Armstrong Air and Space Museum, WACO plane train, face painting, and big games area along with other activities.

A total of 335 riders rode out through the course while enjoying donuts at various stops. Racers came from various parts of Ohio and out of state including Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indianna, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia. The racers ranged in age from 4 to 83.

There were four different donut challenges — the Donut Hole, Mini Donut, Full Donut, and the Double D Challenge. The Donut Hole is 9.72 miles with one donut stop. The Mini Donut is 19.7 mile with one donut stop. The Full Donut is 34.4 miles, and the Double D Challenge is 58.5 miles. For every donut eaten and kept down, racers had five minutes deducted from their time.

The top three racers were Gabriel Carroll, 38, of Piqua, followed by Bud Moore, 53, of Casstown, who was followed by Susan Cummins, 68, of Troy.

The age group division results for males 18 and under: Devin Smith, Ethan Jones, Ian Francis. Males 19-35: Andrew Flinn, Ryan Schlater, Joany Fuentes. Males 36-49: Gabriel Carroll, Brandon Cox, Jose Acuna. Males 50-64: Bud Moore, Donnie Harper, Keith Jayska. Males 65+: Paul Humble, John Waldman, Philip Cox

The age group division results for females 18 and under: Julia Asher, Annika James, M. Strayer. Females 19-35: Kaci Matthews, Jessica Carroll, Katelyn Treiber. Females 36-49: Amy Moore, Julie Snyder, Lisa Eickman. Females 50-64: Pamela Harper, Katherine Jarrett, Teresa Rowley-Asher. Females 65+: Susan Cummins, Marti Lewis, June Hagan.

In addition to the race Saturday, DJ Dave Trissell played music, followed by a COSI Science Show for children. Children’s activities were also available throughout the race. Food and drink options were available as well. Prior to the race, a child’s bicycle race was held, which was followed by drinks and donuts for the participants.

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