Troy bowlers sweep Tippecanoe at Troy Bowl


TROY — The Troy bowling teams swept Tippecanoe Friday night at Troy Bowl Lanes.


Troy 2,331,

Tippecanoe 1,925

The Troy boys improved to 2-1 overall and in the MVL, while Tippecanoe dropped to 3-1 overall and 2-1 in the MVL.

Bryce Massingill led the Trojans with games of 237 and 193 for a 430 series, while Ryan Kaiser had games of 198 and 210 for a 408 series.

Rusty Kinstle rolled games of 189 and 202 and Cooper Steiner had games of 178 and 202.

Kyle Wickman rolled a 184 game and Ethan Blanchard added a 140 game.

Troy had baker games of 226 and 172.

For Tippecanoe, Connor DeMange had games 218 and 185 for a 403 series.

Hunter Herzog had games of 207 and 156 and Scott Lohnes rolled games of 175 and 164.

Hayden Sherwood rolled games of 137 and 149 and Lukas Heitbrink had games of 146 and 134.

Tipp had baker games of 137 and 117.


Troy 2,298,

Tippecanoe 1,528

The Troy girls improved to 3-0 overall and in the MVL, while Tipp dropped to 2-2 overall and 2-1 in the MVL.

The Trojans came out on fire with three games of 225 or better in the opening game and a five-girl score of 1,024, before following it up with 909 in the second game.

Baylie Massingill led Troy with games of 233 and 224 for a 457 series and Kiandra Smith rolled games of 244 and 188 for a 432 series.

Aiyana Godwin rolled games of 225 and 137 and Kristin Sedam had games of 137 and 185.

Libby Burghardt had a 185 game and McKinlee Gambrell had a 175 game.

Troy had baker games of 190 and 175.

Mary McCormick led Tipp with games of 154 and 148.

Morgan Wolbers rolled games of 124 and 147 and Jocelyn Gold had games of 145 and 115.

Amber Weldon rolled games of 114 and 105 and Isabella Reynolds and Alyssa Lundsford each rolled 112 games.

Tipp had baker games of 142 and 110.

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