Troy City Schools had an especially good 2022


TROY — It was a banner year for the Troy City Schools in 2022.

Academically, the Troy City School District is among the top 15% of the 610 public school districts in Ohio, based on the annual state report cards released by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) last October.

The ODE gave each district 1-5 stars (1 being the lowest, five being the highest) in each of five categories: achievement, gap closing, progress, graduation and early literacy. The district scored five stars in both progress and cap closing, four stars in achievement and graduation, and three stars in early literacy.

“Overall, we were pleased to see how we scored in the latest round of school report cards,” Troy City Schools Superintendent Chris Piper said. “Out of five stars, we had five stars in progress, five stars in gap closing, four stars in achievement and four stars in graduation. Overall that puts us in the top 15 percent of all school districts in the state. This is a testament to the hard work being done each and every day by our staff members.”

Troy City Schools scored highest progress and gap closing, both of which are measures of how the district is doing compared to prior years.

According to ODE, “Progress looks closely at the growth all students are making based on their past state test performances. The Progress Component measures the academic performance of students compared to expected growth on Ohio’s State Tests. This calculation uses a ‘value-added’ model of measuring academic growth that compares the change in achievement of a group of students to an expected amount of change in achievement that is based on the students’ prior achievement history.”

In the progress category, Troy had the 19th-highest score out of 610 districts across the state of Ohio.

“We are particularly proud of the progress we’ve made,” Piper said. “We are focused on improving student learning and it’s good to see that hard work paying off.”

Out of 3,096 schools in the state of Ohio, Troy High School posted the third-highest growth index score on the Ohio Department of Education’s annual state report card.

Growth index is a measure of a school’s improvement over previous years. According to the ODE website, “the growth index can include several years of growth data and helps determine the certainty that the expected growth did happen or that there was a shortfall in expected growth.”

According to ODE, a school must record a score of plus-2.0 to earn five stars, the highest on ODE’s 1-5 star scale. Troy High School recorded a growth index score of 23.0, trailing only Upper Arlington High School (28.15) and Perrysburg High School (24.06).

In addition to their many accomplishments in the classroom, Troy’s students excelled in the arts, in athletics and in extracurricular activities.

As the Troy City Schools head into 2023, they are looking to build upon what they’ve already accomplished and continue to grow in the classroom as well as whatever other extracurricular endeavors to which students may aspire.

“We are incredibly proud of the work we have done and are continuing to do, but we also understand we still have a great deal of hard work ahead of us,” Piper said, “These scores tell us what we are doing works and we are headed in the right direction. We have dedicated professionals on staff who will continue to help our students dream big, work hard and succeed.”

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