Troy Development Council supports school levy


To the editor:

On behalf of the Troy Development Council Board of Directors, I am writing this letter of support for the upcoming Troy School Levy which appears on the Nov. 7 ballot.

The Troy Development Council, a public/private 501c3 non-profit formed in 1984 to spearhead economic development efforts within the City of Troy, works diligently with existing business and industry, as well as companies considering locating in Troy. Marketing the City of Troy to companies is very competitive, we compete with numerous other communities in the Miami Valley region and surrounding States. Industrial projects inquire about the local school system, as well as the age of facilities. With our local elementary schools averaging over 81 years old; Troy cannot compete.

With the growth we have experienced industrially over the past two decades, workforce families must decide where to reside and raise their families. We have had discussions with families who have chosen to educate their children in other communities due to the age of our schools. These families have cited concerns with lack of technology, and handicap accessibility as reasons for choosing to live in other communities. With our local schools lacking modern facilities with collaborative spaces, technology, and lack of handicap accessibility; Troy cannot compete.

The Troy Development Council Board of Directors commend the dedication and hard work of those in Troy City Schools who have made a “Trojan education” a model for other school districts Statewide. The time is now for the citizens of Troy to vote “Yes” to approve the tax levy to provide our teachers/administrators with modern educational facilities where students and staff feel safe and comfortable, now and in the future.

In conclusion, the economic well-being of a community is strongly dependent on an educated, trained workforce and the Troy Development Council wholly supports the passage of the tax levy and encourages the community to support its passage.

Joseph A. Graves, CEO

Troy Development Council

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