Troy Lions Club holds installation ceremony


For the Miami Valley Today

TROY — The Troy Lions Club held an installation ceremony at the Hayner Cultural Center for their 2021-2022 club officers. Installed were Steve Kaplan as president, Doug Beitzel as vice president, Robert Medley as secretary, and Dennis Waller as treasurer. Also installed were Carolyn Jackson (tail-twister), Mel Ward (lion tamer), Jeff Feierstein (membership chair), Robert Dever (director), Craig Lichtenberg (director), Chris Waller (director), Fred Wackler (director), Joe Jackson (LCIF coordinator), and Sheryl Schlater (service chair).

The unique ceremony assigned each officer a color and expanded on the color’s meaning, matching it to the duties of the office. Each officer then signed their name on a rainbow indicating their acceptance of these duties.

“The different colors can be compared to the talents and skills that individual members bring to the club. Each color is needed to make a rainbow, just as each officer is necessary to make this club run properly and successfully,” said Kaplan.

The officers take on the leadership roles of the Troy Lions Club, which is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to vision health. The club helps income-eligible individuals obtain eye exams and glasses. The club also performs pre-school vision screenings. In addition, the Troy Lions Club provides scholarships, a hearing aid recycling program, and supports many school and community programs. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page, or call (937) 335-7345.

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