Troy, Piqua bowling teams sweep MVL matches on the lanes


UNION CITY — The Troy bowling teams swept Greenville Wednesday at Woodcrest Lanes.

The boys won 2,270-2,008 to improve to 1-1 on the season and in the MVL.

Bryce Massingill led the Trojans, rolling games of 216 and 189 for a 405 series and Cooper Gerlach had games of 173 and 228 for a 401 series.

Kyle Wickman rolled games of 194 and 188 and Ryan Kaiser added games of 153 and 166.

Rusty Kinstle rolled a 201 game and Cooper Steiner had a 167 game.

Troy added baker games of 204 and 191.

The girls improved to 2-0 overall and in the MVL with a 2,117-1,261 win.

Aiyana Godwin led Troy with games of 192 and 228 for a 420 series.

Kiandra Smith rolled games of 192 and 182 and Kristin Sedam had games of 214 and 130.

McKinlee Gambrell had games of 146 and 144, Baylie Massingill rolled a 246 game and Libby Burghardt added a 117 game.

Troy rolled baker games of 133 and 193.


Piqua sweeps


PIQUA — The Piqua bowling teams improved to 2-0 overall and in the MVL with wins over Stebbins at Breakpoint Lanes.

The boys won 2.097-1,627.

Dylan Jenkins led Piqua with games of 204 and 211 for a 415 series.

Jayden Miller rolled games of 155 and 244 for a 399 series and Daulton Funderburg had games of 170 and 217.

Austyn Potter rolled games of 185 and 146 and Noah Burgh added games of 104 and 156.

Piqua rolled baker games of 147 and 158.

The Piqua girls won 1,663-1,013.

Allison Hicks and Miranda Sweetman led Piqua, with both rolling a 294 series.

Hicks had games of 159 and 135 and Sweetman had duplicate games of 147.

Adriana Emery had games of 146 and 135 and Audrianna Kendall rolled games of 147 and 123.

Kaylee Eleyet added games of 105 and 99.

Piqua added baker games of 168 and 152.

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