Troy residents required to file 2022 tax return


TROY — Troy residents are required to file a 2022 city of Troy tax return, regardless of whether tax is due. Everyone age 18 or over who lives in Troy will need to file a municipal income tax form by April 18, 2023.

Those who own and operate a business in Troy will also need to file a return. Any tax due and first quarter estimates are due on April 18 or three-and-a-half months after the fiscal end date.

Employees who work in Troy but do not live in Troy do not need to file unless they have taxes owed. In effect, if your employer did not withhold city taxes, you will need to file your own taxes.

Unpaid tax is due by April 18, 2023, even if you are filing an extension. Extensions grant the filer additional time to gather information, but are not intended to give additional time to pay the tax due.

Tax forms are available online at or in the lobby of the first floor of City Hall. Taxes may be filed online or by mail.

City staff is available to complete municipal tax returns at no charge. To make an appointment for tax filing assistance, call the Income Tax Department at 937-339-3861.

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