Troy woman sentenced to five years community control for drug trafficking


TROY — A Troy woman was sentenced to five years of probation for trafficking methamphetamine.

Tiffany N. Seidel, 29, of Troy, was charged with first-degree felony aggravated trafficking in drugs in April 2021, later pleading guilty to third-degree felony aggravated trafficking in drugs in May of this year.

On Wednesday, she was sentenced to five years of probation subject to conditions. Seidel must complete inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment, as well as mental health treatment among other requirements.

Failure to comply with the conditions of the community control sanction could result in Seidel serving 9-36 months in prison. Seidel was credited with 100 days of time served during court proceedings. Should she violate probation conditions, that credit will not count toward the resulting prison time.

Miami County Common Please Court also received an affidavit of indigency from Seidel. As a result, the court waived the up to $10,000 fine for the third-degree felony. Seidel still must pay court costs and a monthly service fee for her inpatient treatment.

“I want to stay sober, but I can’t do it without a little help,” said Seidel in court on Wednesday. In her statement, Seidel addressed her desire to be free from addiction and to become a better mother and person.

Judge Jeannine Pratt went over Seidel’s criminal history, which included no juvenile record and only an OVI prior to this conviction.

Pratt said of Seidel, “the defendant has a limited criminal history, as this is her first felony, and demonstrates genuine remorse.”

Seidel’s limited criminal history was among the reasons that presumption of recidivism was rebutted and the community control sanction, which she was amendable to, was considered.

“If this court is going to give you a chance, you need to be motivated to address the history,” said Pratt of Seidel’s struggle with addiction.

Pratt also encouraged Seidel to “hit the ground running” regarding the conditions of her parole.

Seidel will remain in the custody of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office until a bed can be arranged at the inpatient treatment facility.

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