Van Cleve student council promots ‘Random Acts of Kindness’


TROY — “Random Act of Kindness Day” is Friday.

For students at the Van Cleve sixth grade building, however, one day of promoting kindness among students and stuff simply wasn’t enough.

As a result, the Van Cleve Student Council has been encouraging everyone in the building to participate in random acts of kindness all week long with its “Kindness Tree Project.”

“As leaders of the student council, we wanted to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day which is Feb. 17,” Van Cleve student council advisors JoLynn Scalice and Katie Rindler said. “When we presented the idea to the student council, we shared ideas of past projects we have done and encouraged students to come up with their own ideas. At the February meeting, students decided on the Kindness Tree project. The Kindness Tree project is where students write acts of kindness on Post-It Notes and place them on a poster board decorated as a tree. When students pass by the Kindness trees, they are encouraged to take an act of kindness and do the act for another person.

“Student council representatives took this idea back to their classrooms and encouraged all students to help write out acts of kindness for the post it notes. Within a few days, the Kindness Trees and hundreds of acts of kindness showed up at my door, all thanks to the teamwork and collaboration of our students here at Van Cleve.”

Van Cleve Student Council member Katie Lanning said this was a much-needed project not only within the school, but in society in general.

“I think this is important because not enough people show kindness anymore,” Lanning said. “It makes me feel so good to see kids participating because I know I helped do something.”

For Student Council member Chase Martin, this project has helped improve his outlook at school.

“It makes me feel happy and it makes me feel good for this earth that there is still kindness on this Earth, and that everybody can still show it. One-hundred percent this project was so fun, and it really helps our school.”

Student Council member Cash Staley said seeing students help other students lifts his spirits every time he sees a student take a Post-It Note.

“Making people happy makes me happy,” Staley said. “The best part of this project was getting to work with other student council members, hearing their ideas and working together. I hope people will take the time to take at least one Post-it Note and actually do the kind act.”

Van Cleve Student Council member McKenna Key said it makes her happy to see students helping students.

“It makes me feel happy to see students helping each other, because one little act of kindness can really change the outcome of someone’s day,” Key said. “My favorite part of doing this was to see the aftermath of how things turned out when kids picked up the Post-it Notes and did the act of kindness.”

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