Van Cleve students learn about after-school opportunities


TROY — Maurice Sadler wants to see students at the Van Cleve Sixth Grade Building continue to learn and grow after they’ve left school for the day.

That’s why Sadler, who is in his first year as principal at Van Cleve after a lengthy tenure as principal at Heywood Elementary School, is partnering with local organizations to provide and promote after-school opportunities for Van Cleve students.

“I am a big believer in partnerships, and Troy is a great community with some amazing opportunities for all students,” Sadler said. “With our geographical location and proximity to downtown Troy, we elected to partner with several that were either within walking distance of our building, or provide a shuttle service for our students who are interested in going”

Thursday morning, Van Cleve students heard from representatives from five of those organizations: Troy-Hayner Cultural Center Director David Wion, Lincoln Community Center Operational Manager Marcus Couch, Reading For Change Director Carianne Gaines, The REC Director Kelly Snyder and Troy-Miami County Public Library Teen Librarian Janine Sadler all spoke to the entire students body about the opportunities their organization presented.

“We definitely feel as though we are partnering with five organizations that will provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences for students,” Sadler said. “Each one brings something a little different to the table. We have organizations that can provide a little bit of everything: reading, education, athletics, recreation, art, music; there really is something for everyone, all within walking distance of Van Cleve. Even if a student is just looking to relax or spend time with peers, all of these places can help them do that.”

Sadler emphasized the importance of students getting permission from parents or guardians before taking advantage of these opportunities.

“Absolutely, anyone who plans on doing any of these after school would need permission from their parents first,” he said. “Safety always comes first. Students should not go to any of these places without first letting their parents know where they will be going.”

Once students have that permission, Sadler said he feels the five organizations all can help broaden students’ experiences.

“We know a lot of parents already have their children in after-school activities, and we think that is great,” he said. “But if one of our students is looking for an activity to take part in after school, we feel as though any of these organizations would be a great start. There are some fantastic opportunities out there for our students.”

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