Volunteers helpful during library’s transition


To the Editor:

From everyone at J.R. Clarke Public Library, both the trustee board and staff, wish to thank everyone who provided the time volunteered for extra effort, storage capabilities, woodworking and moving expertise during this period of transition for our community library. We will always remember your kindness and support.

This renovation project will be remembered and honored as a “community gift” from former library trustee boards. Every bit of savings, over many decades, has allowed this project to take place. In order to secure the future of this library, substantial upgrades were required in the areas of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and data lines. There were also two areas, on the east and west foundations, which needed to be repaired, so no water or mold damage would persist.

Yes … JRC is at an alternative location until early fall (101 N. High St.), then will again be transported to a totally restored facility, with essential enhancements, to ensure that

J.R. Clarke Library will again be the focus of educational and informational excellence! We, at JRC, are incredibly fortunate to have these many patrons and community members who have made this “change” more efficiently and easily for all of us.

— Cherie Roeth, Director

J.R. Clarke Public Library

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