Volunteers sought at Spring Mead Rehab on April 11


To the editor:

This Sunday is Easter and for many… calls it Resurrection Sunday.

4/9/2023 its also the release date of my compelling short story “I am my Sunny’s Momma and my Mommy’s Daughter.” On Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BY75WWXW?ref_=pe_3052080_276849420

What makes this heart felt short story straight from a mother’s grieving heart is that I was very vulnerable and devastated throughout the process of writing about the loss my 39 year young son 4/11/2022. Symbolically as if I bled on the pages. Then to almost lose my 86 years old mother from a near death fall along with getting COVID the same year…(became unacceptable)

It’s my son’s 1st anniversary since transitioning to glory. April 11, 2022 The grief is nothing any parent would ever desire to walk through. I grieved recently through watching a horse movie: Sea Biscuit. (lol) Must keep my sense of humor.

Trusting God’s Word: (His strength is perfected in/through our weakness.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

In honor of my Sunny’s life and precious memories, I sought out to minister at Spring Mead Rehab and long term stay home through Premier Health April 11, 2023 in Tipp City. 10am Room visits with the residents which will include praying with them then a special 2pm presentation ‘Conversations of Hope With Tonya.’ Entitled by the director. It’s also now where my mom resides.

*Asking others to join me to volunteer at their choice where there’s a need or give an special acts of kindness 4/11/2023. Not only in my son’s honor and precious memories but for their love one who pass too young and they love…Volunteering is priceless. Love to know who you are and where did you volunteer or give on Tuesday 4/11/2023

My goal on amazon kindle is 10,000 sales 2023 to be able to care personally for my mom in a way…she and I only dream. Standing on Romans 4:17.

Below is the first sentence of the my short story:

“Lord, did I love my son more than you.?”

To God Be the Glory!

Tonya Lee Carrie


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