Vote ‘NO’ Tipp Schools


To the editor:

With the recent “scare” at Broadway with asbestos I am still voting NO. This roof problem has been a known fact since at least 2015 according to the report I have. Like all old buildings in Tipp many were built with asbestos in them. So, people need to calm down unless the goal is to panic and bulldoze all of Tipp City.

If you missed Mr. Moran’s interview with Dayton 24/7 you should listen to it. He is not in a panic. If the bond passes, they plan to use Broadway and LT ball to house kids for at least 3 years maybe more while they build a new school. I am sure Mr. Patry and Mr. Mains who both were/are on the facilities committee during their time on the board would have brought those concerns to the BOE and fixed the roof if they thought it was dangerous to your child, wouldn’t they have? They both also sat on the finance committee. Why are we in a 2.5-million-dollar deficit? We should ask them.

Back to Mr. Moran’s interview he also said, “if the levy passes this month those funds are strictly for a new building which is needed.” Apparently, he did not read the ballot language. This is an open-ended bond issue. This not only would pay for a new building but all sorts of other things district wide of which are not listed in detail. It does say paying back the debt the school has incurred, of course, due to their mismanagement of our tax dollars. Not only district wide debt but including the debt incurred to do maintenance and upgrades to the middle school they are planning on demolishing. Also, money to reprogram LT Ball which is not good enough for your kids but good enough for the administration.

They must follow the Ohio Revised Code on getting rid of the Broadway site. So, while they sit around with promises of being good stewards of the property remember how they have taken care of the properties and money the taxpayers have given them.

They do not care about the taxpayer’s money. They will use “scare” tactics to try to get what they want.

They have not been truthful with the OFCC. I have e-mails to prove that. They have not been truthful with the taxpayers.

Hold them accountable, VOTE NO

Kathy Bone

Tipp City

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