Vote ‘no’ Tipp Schools


To the editor:

While looking over the plans for the new school building on the school’s website, I do have to say safety does not seem to be a factor. I noticed two entry points for the students off of Westedge Drive. One ends in a field next to the staff parking lot. The second walkway puts the kids in the bus, staff and service entry and exit drive. The sidewalk on Hyatt does not connect to any sidewalks going to the building. They have all been bulldozed. Students will have to walk in and across driveways and parking lots to get access to the building. How could these basic safety features not be included in these designs?

There is one library in the building. I have asked but with no response to how it will be setup with regards to access the students will and will not have to age-appropriate material. While there may already be some questionable books in the libraries across the district, the school board approved a donation of books recently. One features the main character in a comic book style setting that is transgender. There is also a book that uses the “N” word throughout. There are books to teach your kids how to protest. I think this is strange as we hear about kids not behaving in school but yet many of the books in this companies’ collection is about being disruptive.

I received a flyer in mail that says the new rates may be 6.55 mills. This is not reflected in the ballot language. The rate on the ballot is 8.68 mills, $87,008,933.00 for 30 Years. $304.00 more a year for a home of $100.000.00 value, with an advancing scale upward for every dollar amount of your property value over that. The ballot language is for 8.68 mills NOT 6.55 mills.

As far as the state reimbursing us no one is going to get a check in the mail. The state may pay for some things in phase 2 if the school follows the rules and if the resolution is passed at the state level. According to the e-mail I received from the OFCC on January 30th that conversation has not even made it through the two committee meetings it has to go through to be approved.

This seems like a repeat of the misinformation given to the taxpayers with the last building levy.

Kathy Bone

Tipp City

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