Vote Reece for sheriff


To the editor:

As a concerned citizen and retired police captain with 38 years of police experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff. His commitment to public safety, extensive experience, and local ties makes him an exceptional choice for sheriff. You might ask why you should care who the sheriff is. The sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of the county and the only police official elected by and directly answerable to citizens. Meaning the sheriff must be exceptionally qualified. Reece far exceeds the requirements set by Ohio law with his education, civilian police service and his service as an Army Federal Agent.

I am deeply troubled by warnings from another Ohio sheriff and the Director of the FBI who have reported unprecedented terroristic threats surpassing the 9/11 attacks. This cannot be stressed enough; Reece is the only candidate trained and experienced to secure our community from terrorists.

Reece brings unique experience, leadership, and dedication to the office. Here are some reasons why I support him:

1. Local Roots and Community Engagement:

• Reece has been an integral part of our community for years. As a former Miami Deputy, he understands the threats we face, and has a vision for 21st century policing.

• His involvement with substitute teaching in our schools proves his commitment to fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and our youth.

2. Police Experience:

• Reece has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and insights into crime prevention, community policing, and public safety.

• As a retired Federal Agent in the Army, he has extensive experience in counterterrorism. No one locally comes close to having his training and experience of this ever-growing threat.

3. Integrity and Accountability:

• Reece embodies the highest standards of integrity. His dedication and accountability are evident in his track record and eight promotions in the Army. He was entrusted to provide VIP security for top military leaders.

• He believes in building trust between law enforcement and the community.

4. Vision for Miami County:

• Reece envisions a county where everyone feels secure, regardless of their circumstances.

• His focus on community-oriented policing, proactive policing, sex and drug trafficking will enhance public safety.

5. Constitutional Sheriff:

• Reece is committed to defending constitutional rights from government overreach and intrusions.

• He is known for his strong Second Amendment position.

Vote for Reece—a proven leader who will keep Miami County safe.

Mike Varner

New Carlisle

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