Vote “Yes” for William Lutz


To the editor:

We all have an important choice to make on May 2 (or before) as we go to the polls to vote for one of two Republican candidates who are running for the position of Mayor of Troy, Ohio. Please consider the following as you make your choice for this important vote.

William (Bill) Lutz has indicated that he believes that citizens want to know that elected officials will listen to what is important to all of us as Troy citizens and that we want City Hall to be transparent so that their decisions and directions can be clearly communicated to their constituents.

A number of important values are reflected in Bill Lutz’s statements regarding the ideas and concepts he wants to bring forward:

• “I believe that citizens that are informed and participate in local government provide wisdom and guidance to our city’s leaders.”

• “I believe that government efficiency should be a standard operating principle.”

• “I believe that creating excellent infrastructure means that having clean water and safe streets create increased economic opportunities.”

• “I believe that by providing economic opportunities for our residents, we will be creating the foundation of our city’s success.”

As the current director of New Path, Inc., Bill is serving the neediest members of our area by providing access to food, transportation, medical equipment and clothing. He cares about all of the citizens of Troy.

Bill has a BS in in Urban Affairs and a Master of Public Administration. He has served in leadership positions for Bethel Township and the City of Piqua. And Bill is serving his second term as a member of Troy City Council, currently as the President of Council. He is very much aware of the issues that we care about and need to be addressed.

The list of his accomplishments and recognitions is much too long to list here. Please…. Do yourself a favor, and before you vote checkout to read more about the outstanding credentials and experience that Bill will bring to our city as our next mayor.

Vote “Yes” for William Lutz.

Deborah Jung


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