Vote Lutz for the next mayor of Troy


To the editor:

In the May primary coming up, an important choice will be made as to who will be in leadership in Troy moving forward, and I have a question for the voters of Troy…what do you value in a mayor? Do you value someone with proven leadership qualities? Someone with the right education for the position he seeks? Someone who takes the opportunity to LISTEN to the people he converses with? Or, do you want a mayor who flouts the guidance of state leaders during a pandemic? Do you want a mayor who is blatantly partial when it comes to the public’s input on crucial historic buildings? A mayor who makes offensive statements that alienate a large portion of the citizens? If you want the former, I encourage you to vote for Bill Lutz as the next mayor of Troy. Bill has a proven track record when it comes to public leadership, and has the qualifications necessary to lead Troy into a vibrant future. He was the first administrator of Bethel Township, worked in the Development Departments of both Troy and Piqua, and helped create and administer a very successful Citizen’s Government Academy while in Piqua. He currently heads the largest faith-based organization in Miami County, New Path Ministries. I understand and appreciate that there are those who are diehard fans of the current mayor, and will vote for her. That is perfectly fine. But, I want you to think of the current situation in Troy and ask yourself…’Can we do better?’ If you believe the answer is yes, fine. If you are satisfied with how things are, that is fine as well. Troy will get what it votes for. I’d like to steal a phrase Bill always used in the Government Academy to introduce speakers and close with this…If you believe Troy CAN and MUST do better going forward, please, on May 2nd, vote for my good friend(and I hope yours too), Bill Lutz, as the next mayor of Troy.

Brad Boehringer


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