‘Candy Shoppe’ winners named


TROY — The Artistic entries for the Miami County Fair Flower Show were judged on Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022.

The theme for the show artistic show was “Candy Shoppe” and all categories were named for something sweet to eat. Judging was given by Ohio Association of Garden Clubs accredited judge Michele Bishop. Comments and critique on each entry were given aloud and it was noted that Miami County has extremely talented floral designers.

Best in show winners included Jennifer Garvic, Marian Moeckel, and Alex Garvic.

Miami County Fair Flower Show Winners

“Candy Shoppe”

Division E: Artistic Exhibits, Adult

Section F: Artistic Exhibits, Adult

Class 81: Saltwater Taffy – including water

First: Sandy Fisher

Second: Marian Moeckel

Third: Jessica Nichols

Class 82a: Cookies & Cream – Black and White Creative Design — Novice Class

First: Katrina Parker

Class 82b: Cookies & Cream – Black and White Creative Design — Advanced Class

First: Barrie Van Kirk

Second: Marian Moeckel

Third: Sandy Fisher

Class 83: Twizzlers – Showing Motion

First: Jennifer Garvic

Second: Barrie Van Kirk

Third: Marian Moeckel

Class 84: Pay Day – Predominantly Green

First: Jennifer Garvic

Second: Sandy Fisher

Third: Penny Adams

Class 85: Baby Ruth — Small Design 5-12 inches

First: Jennifer Garvic

Second: Gloria Parker

Third: Laura Daniel

Class 86: Reese’s Pieces – Miniature Design less than 3 inches

First: Marian Moeckel

Second: Susan Crowe

Third: Sandy Fisher

Division F: Artistic Exhibits, Juniors

Section I: Junior Artistic Exhibits

Class 87: Lemonhead – featuring Yellow, 12 years of age or under

First: Alex Garvic

Second: Noah Garvic

Class 88: Lemonhead – featuring Yellow 13-17 years of age

First: Lacey Bishop

Second: Gwen Harris

Class 89: Starburst — an art project using Flower Pounding on fabric or paper 12 years of age and under

First: Noah Garvic

Second: Alex Garvic

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show Modern/Creative: Jennifer Garvic

Best of Show Traditional: Jennifer Garvic

Best of Show Small/Miniature: Marian Moeckel

Judges Award of Distinction: Sandy Fisher

Best of Show Junior Traditional: Alex Garvic

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