Ballet 5:8 brings brand new story ballet to APAC


TROY — On Saturday, April 15, at 7 p.m., Ballet 5:8 dances onto the stage at the Arbogast Performing Arts Center in Troy, with a brand new story ballet by Julianna Rubio Slager entitled “BareFace,” inspired by the C.S. Lewis novel “Till We Have Faces.”

In 2012, Rubio Slager and Amy Kozol Sanderson founded the professional ballet company Ballet 5:8. As leading dance companies cycled through the same classic works, Rubio Slager and Sanderson shared the concern that this beautiful art form might become stagnant and in danger of missing the next generation. They founded Ballet 5:8 to tell the stories of the 21st century while retaining the classic beauty of ballet. Each Ballet 5:8 performance wrestles with themes that portray both the darkness and hope of life in the modern context.

“BareFace” is a fresh and enthralling story that leans into the best of what dance has been and blazes a trail into what dance is becoming. With dance as the main mechanism to move the story forward, Rubio Slager disentangles her story from the usual pomp and circumstance. This new story ballet is cinematic in its pacing and storytelling and clever in its use of physicality, sweeping stage pictures and gliding sets to guide the audience into the futuristic world of Glome. Inspired by the ancient myth of Cupid and Psyche, Rubio Slager tells a female-driven, utterly compelling story of love, jealousy and a case against the Gods.

The story begs us to look inward at our desires for love and to ask whether we honestly understand the depths of our own hearts. We remain faceless until we are brave enough to look staunchly upon our duplicitous motives, and we become beautiful when we release jealousy and embrace the truly selfless love of the divine. Set in the Grecian fairytale world of Glome, audiences will be gripped by dynamic storytelling through the impressive athletic prowess of Ballet 5:8’s dance artists. The full-length story ballet is brought to life by costume designer Lorianne Robertson and set projections by Sarah L. Freeman.

“BareFace” by Ballet 5:8 beautifully examines love’s motivations, pitfalls and blind spots and promises to captivate the Greater Miami Valley community through breathtaking dance this April at the APAC.

Tickets prices for Ballet 5:8 – “BareFace” at the APAC start at $15 and can be purchased at For more information or to order tickets to any APAC performances, call the Box Office at 937-418-8392 or visit online at

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