City seeks final easements for West Main Street improvement


By Matt Clevenger

[email protected]

TROY — Members of the Troy City Council have authorized the filing of petitions for the appropriation of parts of three properties on West Main Street that are needed to proceed with phase II of the West Main Street Improvement Project.

“To relocate utilities in the project area, easements are required for over 60 properties and have been obtained for all but three locations,” Council member Lynne Snee said. “Discussions with the property owners are ongoing; agreement might be reached with some of the owners prior to legislation being enacted.”

Council members authorized filing the petitions during a specially-scheduled meeting held on Friday, March 31. The properties involved include 1667 W. Main St., 1533 W. Main St. and 1211 W. Main St.

The project is scheduled for bidding in the fall of 2023.

“It is imperative that the city be in a position to proceed with any action required,” Snee said. “The city must be in a position to file the easement paperwork with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), in order to meet the project timeline.”

“We have already made our best offer to them,” Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington said. “There are some extenuating circumstances.”

“At least one of these properties is an estate,” he said. “Because time is of the essence, we’re requesting the appropriations process to keep this project going forward.”

In other business, council members also heard the first reading of a resolution to approve a 24-month professional services agreement with Flock Group Inc. to obtain an automatic license plate reading camera system and technology to record other unique features and the sharing of information with other law enforcement agencies. The cost of the agreement is not to exceed $57,150.

“In consideration of requests made by a number of members, this will be held over for a second reading at our next meeting,” Council President William Lutz said.

Council members also approved resolutions authorizing bidding for a three-year contract for replacing water meter parts, at a cost not to exceed $138,000 for each year, and the purchase of additional storage space for the Troy Police Department body camera program from Motorolla Solutions, at a cost not to exceed $71,790.

Council members went on to approve two resolutions authorizing the Maple Street and Peters Road Waterline Replacement Project.

“The city and county have parallel waterlines on Peters Road,” Council member Kristie Marshall said. “The city planned to replace the under-sized water main on Maple Street; in addition the city’s six-inch water main under Peters Road is under-sized and in bad condition.”

The project will include abandoning the city waterline, and the city will take over the county’s 16-inch water line, Marshall said.

“This would require additional design work and increase the project’s cost,” Marshall said. “Funding is available in the water fund, including adjusting the scope of another project.”

Council members authorized a contract with Access Engineering Solutions for design of the Waterline Replacement project, at a cost not to exceed $69,000, and advertisements for bids to complete the project, at a cost not to exceed $650,000.

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