Council congratulates Girl Scout Gold Award


TIPP CITY — The Tipp City City Council witnessed a proclamation from Mayor Mike McFarland and a commendation from Fire and EMS Chief Cameron Haller for the Firefighter of the Year.

Council also amended the city’s 2023 annual operating budget, approved a contract for asphalt resurfacing and were presented with the first readings of three ordinances.

McFarland presented Tippecanoe High School Senior Jianna Nichols with a proclamation from the city recognizing her hard work as a Girl Scout and recipient of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Gold Award.

According to the proclamation read by McFarland at the Monday, March 6, City Council meeting, Nichols has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and has previously earned her Bronze and Silver awards. Nichols was awarded the Gold Award for her project titled “Innovation Outreach” which provided STEM opportunities for people of all ages who without her project would not have the resources for such an opportunity. The project started as a local in-person STEM club for students and has expanded to an online global STEM Club for all ages. Her project reaches individuals in the U.S., China and Thailand.

“I would like to say thank you and congratulations on behalf of all of the council,” said City Council President Kathryn Huffman.

The second recognition of the evening was the presentation of the award for the EMS Provider of the Year. Haller presented the award and his congratulations to Christian Brumbaugh during the meeting. Brumbaugh has been a part of the Tipp City Fire and Emergency Services Department since 2020. He earned the firefighter 2 and fire safety inspector Ohio certifications in the fall of 2021. In January of 2023, he earned his paramedic certification.

“The team member represented tonight is all about team work. The award is an effort to recognize personnel who consistently perform their work at a higher level of achievement,” said Haller. “Christian does not back down from a challenge. Here are a few of the reasons Christian’s teammates feel that Christian should be considered for employee of the year: he exemplifies the professional image of the department, his positive and professional attitude is infectious, he has stepped up to a leadership challenge on fire scenes and remains level-headed during critical incidents, he identifies problems and offers solutions in order to move forward, he has positive attitude towards change.”

Following the awards and proclamations portion of the meeting, council went on to approve an ordinance that allows the finance director to amend the 2020 appropriations and effectively changing the 2023 annual operating budget.

Next, council were presented with a resolution requesting approval for City Manager Timothy Eggleston to enter into a contract with John R. Jurgenson Co., of Springfield, for the purpose of 2023 asphalt resurfacing program at various locations within Tipp City.

The roads set to be repaired this year are East Main Street between 25A and Weller Drive, Donn Davis Way, Teakwood Road, Heathwood Drive and Pinehurst Drive. John R. Jurgenson Co. was chosen by the city due to providing the lowest bid for the project. This project will cost the city $643,178.10.

This resolution was approved unanimously by council.

Three ordinances were presented to City Council members for a first reading during the meeting. The first ordinance presented is an ordinance to modify the language of code section 154.04(G)(25)(d) of the zoning code to explicitly prohibit overnight, off-street parking at automotive service stations and gas stations in Tipp City. This ordinance is sponsored for a second reading by Council member Ryan Liddy.

The second ordinance presented for first reading is an ordinance to modify chapter 37 of the Codified Ordinances of the city of Tipp City. These modifications change the current pay scale for specific city positions not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. These changes include changes in the pay scale for full time employees of the fire department, captains and dual-certified firefighters. It also updates the officer’s positions and part-time positions. The ordinance also increases, based on the cost of living, the vehicle allowance from $265 to $275/month.

While the third ordinance was on the agenda as a first reading, it was declared an emergency and therefore treated as an ordinance presented for second reading. This ordinance establishes the daily pass rates and fees for the Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center. The council passed this ordinance unanimously, approving the increase in rates by $15 to help the city offset the cost increases from SwimSafe for chemicals and staff.

The next meeting of the Tipp City City Council is scheduled for Monday, March 20.

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