County Commissioners reorganize board, adjust duties


TROY – Following an executive session at their Thursday, Jan. 5, general meeting. the Miami County Commissioners passed legislation to adjust the duties of the Commissioners’ administrator.

A previous resolution authorized Miami County Commissioners Administrator Charlotte Colley to “perform certain contracting, personnel, and/or other administrative functions and/or duties on behalf of the board.”

The newly passed resolution, which replaces the previous one in place, states, “the board has undertaken an annual review of such previous resolutions […] as a result of such review, desires to adjust the Commissioners’ administrator’s authority and duties.”

According to Commissioner Wade Westfall, the board will annually review Colley’s duties.

Other changes seen from the new resolution include a reduction of responsibilities, including transfers, employee requisitions, payroll verifications, payroll changes and payroll terminations.

Commissioner Ted Mercer said, “We just dialed it in a little tighter to where we want to have a little more control. We want to be heavily involved in our team members and this will allow us to continue to do that.”

“We feel our Commissioners’ Administrator Charlotte Colley is very skilled and very bright. This is a big county and a lot goes on […] it keeps us dialed in better as administrators,” said Mercer.

Also at Thursday’s general meeting, the board was reorganized. Commissioner Wade Westfall was elected as president of the board and Gregory Simmons was selected as vice president. They also designated Westfall as the voting representative for the Annual Meeting of the County Commissioners Association for 2023, with Simmons as an alternate.

Then, the commissioners approved the meeting schedule for 2023 and approved the board members’ assignments.

A change order to the Frederick-Garland Road Bridge project was approved for an increase of $48,880.44 for a new total of $1,198,647.74. According to Paul Huelskamp, Miami County engineer, was increased due to weather conditions creating issues with the site.

The transit department was authorized to utilize the Transit 911 Public Transportation Consulting for consulting services for a cost not to exceed $19,000. They were also authorized to utilize Environment Control Southwest Ohio Inc. for janitorial services for a cost not to exceed $330 per month.

The commissioners also approved the following resolutions:

• Authorizing the county engineer to develop and administer permits in 2023;

• Authorizing the county engineer to proceed by force account which allows for various construction projects;

• The county engineer’s salary;

• The participation of the engineer’s office, sanitary engineering department, and the transit department in contracts with the Ohio Department of Transportation for purchasing in 2023;

• The participation in the state of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program in 2023;

• Membership and payment of dues to the National Association of Counties (NACo) for 2023;

• Membership and payment of dues to the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission;

• Allowing internet auctions for various items the county is no longer utilizing through GovDeals;

• Providing Director of Miami County Department of Job and Family Services Bonita VanGorden with the authority to transfer and allocate funds from various sources in 2023;

• Authorizing Animal Shelter Director Rob Craft to submit an application for grant funding ($1,000).

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