Covington Council donates $5K to Covington Newbery Historical Society


COVINGTON — Consideration of a rental registration program was again a topic of discussion at the Village of Covington council meeting Monday evening.

Village Administrator Kyle Hinkelman stated that since the last council meeting, he has learned that mobile and manufactured homes would be included in the program. A clarification was made that this program would only apply to owners of rental properties, not tenants.

Village signage and wayfinding was another topic of discussion on the agenda. The sign outside of the Government Center was purchased in 2006 and the village has spent $3,800 on maintenance and upkeep since the purchase. Due to its age, the sign will no longer be serviced by the manufacturer. Money was budgeted by the previous council for a new sign. However, before purchasing a replacement, Hinkelman told the council that he believes they need to determine the purpose of the sign and what they hope to accomplish with it.

“I don’t see any value in advertising the Government Center,” he said. “We’re going to do a little bit better about wall signage on this building…but I think that sign, if it is replaced at all, should be a Covington sign that is utilized to advertise the village.”

The council was also presented with examples of other small towns in Ohio who have utilized wayfinding signs to direct visitors toward businesses, parking areas, and other key features. Council members were asked to consider their goals and objectives before adopting any kind of budget for wayfinding. The discussion on signage will continue at the next meeting.

The council will fund $5,000 to the Covington Newberry Historical Society which will go toward repairs to the museum located at 101 E. Spring St. The Historical Society plans to spend a total of $14,000 on improvements to the roof and garage doors and will be responsible for funding the remaining $9,000 not covered by the village. A representative from the Historical Society stated that they’ve received funds from the Roy J. Weikert Trust and will be applying for a grant through The Miami County Foundation.

Hinkelman advised that a survey was published online for residents and visitors to complete. This survey pertains to the Facilities and Land Master Plan. The current survey offers residents an opportunity to voice their opinions and suggest amenities and facilities that they believe the village should prioritize. Residents and visitors alike can access the survey until the second or third week of August at

Hinkelman shared that Phase 2 of the High Street Project is open and Phase 3 is underway, with sidewalks going in this week, depending on weather conditions. Portions of asphalt in Phase 1 will be torn up during the week of August 8 as they did not meet ODOT’s standards. Hinkelman addressed a utility billing issue where some residents who receive their utility bill via email reported that their bill for the month of June was automatically directed to the spam folder in their email inbox. The village is currently working on changing the email address the bill comes from to avoid this issue in the future.

A third reading was held for the replat of an inlot to allow the addition of a .138-acre portion of land to a 2.277 acre piece of land to its south on Mote Drive. The ordinance was approved. Council then entered an executive session with no intention of actions taken.

Mayor Ed McCord was absent from the meeting.

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