Covington Council OKs bid for Schoolhouse Park


By Haylee Pence

[email protected]

COVINGTON — The village of Covington Council accepted the bid from M&T Construction for the site work of the Schoolhouse Park project at their meeting on Monday, May 1.

The site work for the project is expected to cost $347,942.75. The scope of work includes removing roads and electrical lines as well as the construction of the playground.

According to Village Administrator Kyle Hinkelman, the village will be documenting all the underground work to ensure that the work is meeting the “village’s standards.”

The three-reading rule was waived for the resolution to accept the bid.

Then, the council approved the trade-in of eight handguns with a value of $2,240 to Vance’s Law Enforcement which will be utilized to purchase newer weapons. The council waived the three-reading rule and passed the resolution.

The proposed fire levy was also discussed. At previous meetings, the council approved submitting to the county two resolutions involving a 3.0 mil levy and a 2.9 mil levy to gain insight on actual numbers. The 2.9 mil levy is expected to be at a rate of $290 per $100,000 value of the property. The 3.0 mil levy is expected to be at a rate of $300 per $100,000 value of the property.

The council discussed which levy to approve to put into a resolution for the council to approve at a later date. Council member Julie Blumenstock motioned to approve the 3.0 mil levy and all present council members voted to approve the 3.0 mil levy to be made into a resolution.

Also discussed was the village’s 2023 strategic plan which included goals and objectives the council wanted to achieve in 2022. Several goals were accomplished while the majority are being worked on by the village administration. A few goals were not worked on during the year. At the next meeting on Monday, May 18, the council will discuss goals and objectives for the next year.

Council members will soon have public emails in order for the public to get in contact with council members. The council discussed the possibility during the meeting and agreed to one.

Mayor Ed McCord encouraged residents to visit the Covington Community Park to see the updates and improvements the village has worked on including the restrooms and concession stand. He also discussed future plans for the park which include reconstructing the stairs by the concession stand and extending the drive pathway near the playground to the baseball diamond.

Council member Amy Welborn was not present for the meeting. The next council meeting will be May 18.

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