Covington homecoming court announced


COVINGTON — The Covington High School (CHS) Homecoming Court for 2022 has been selected, but due to the cancellation of this week’s football game, CHS will hold a “Buccs Homecoming Bash” on Friday night, Sept. 30.

The event will include a variety of activities, including the homecoming parade, which will end at Smith Field, and will include the crowning of the 2022 Covington homecoming king and queen.

Covington’s previous Friday night game, on Sept. 23, was also canceled due to injuries preventing the school from safely fielding a team. Covington Superintendent Dr. John Hoelzle made the announcement during the Covington Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 21. That cancellation came following recommendations from coaches and the team’s medical trainer.

“I decided with the recommendations that we can’t safely field the team this Friday night,” Hoelzle said during the BOE meeting. “It’s purely safety reasons.”

“Right now we have plans to still have a parade, and community homecoming bash where we recognize the king and queen. We are going to have the band do their full — actually during the game, they only get 10 minutes — but they are going to be doing their full performance for anybody that is in attendance, and then we are going to do a little bit of a bash of the classes, like a few different activities of kids playing games and the cheerleaders there cheering,” Hoelzle told Miami Valley Today Thursday by phone. “We are trying to make it as positive of an evening as we can for the community and the kids.”

When asked if the game was canceled again due to ongoing issues with injuries, Hoelzle said yes and that they knew going into the season they had a low number of players for the football players and many were very young. The team is made up of only two seniors, three juniors, 10 sophomores and seven freshman players.

“We just do not have enough (players) and enough kids in the right positions, that I feel like can protect themselves or other kids on the team,” Hoelzle said. “It’s purely (for safety), we hate doing that (cancelling the game). We know that the kids on the team want to play and it’s bigger than just football because there is band and cheerleading, and everybody else — the homecoming court and the community.

Hoelzle said there are only three games left after Friday’s game, and he is hopeful the team will be able to finish out the rest of the season.

“But we are going to make a decision every time in the best interest and safety of the kids,” he said. “We are trying to do something to be positive (Friday night) and we still have the homecoming dance Saturday night.”

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