Davidson retires as Springmeade Residence Administrator


TIPP CITY — SpringMeade Residence recently hosted a farewell party in honor of Kathy Davidson’s retirement.

Davidson has been the Administrator with SpringMeade Residence since the start in 1992. She and many others with Upper Valley Medical Center built the retirement community from the ground up.

“It has been a blessing to be a part of something that was much bigger than myself,” Davidson said. “Having the opportunity to be the Administrator for this community has helped me spread my wings and be a leader, pushing me to heights I never knew I could accomplish, but am so proud I did.”

Davidson and her husband Danny have two children, and two stepchildren with eight grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. She always knew that the day would come where she would retire and leave this community, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Though, she is excited to spend more time with her family in lieu of her retirement, a piece of her heart will always be down the long tree-lined drive to the beautiful white farmhouse.

“After 31 years, it’s not just a job,” Davidson said. “It never was just a job for me, but it’s my life. This community, our residents, the families, the relationships I have gained throughout my time here, will forever be my heart.”

Residents describe Kathy as dependable. No matter what was going on, Kathy would always be there when someone needed her. The entire community loves her dearly and are sad to see her go, said Mary, the Activities Director.

“Working with her was such a pleasure, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity I had to observe her in her natural element, doing what she loves,” Mary, an Activities Director, said.

One of Kathy’s favorite memories includes riding on the snowplow during snowstorms going from home to home to check on the residents.

A little history behind the location that is so loved in our community; in order to find the perfect spot, Upper Valley Medical Center invited a focus group of seniors who visited multiple sites and it was a unanimous decision to choose this location. There is a story that there was a collective sigh as they drove down the tree-lined drive and quickly agreed that the homestead “Mon Reposo” was the perfect site for the future community. The majority of that focus group became the first residents of SpringMeade Residence.

If you ask Kathy Davidson, she will tell you that three of the same resident’s that started with her, remain there today. That speaks volumes to the success of the coach homes and the longevity of their residents and this community.

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