Davidson votes ‘no’ on Inflation Reduction Act


WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Aug. 12, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act.

After voting no, Rep. Warren Davidson, a Republican who represents the eighth district in Ohio, made the following statement:

“The Federal Reserve and big government combined to fuel inflation and now people are being crushed by high prices. Paychecks and pensions have been stretched thin or exhausted. Consumer debt is growing even as interest rates rocket higher.”

“Americans are struggling to keep up, but Democrats are yet again focused on rushing through a reckless, partisan spending bill that only makes a bad situation worse. This radical left wish list does nothing to combat inflation. Instead, it spends hundreds of billions of dollars on Green New Deal initiatives and Obamacare handouts, funds five infantry divisions worth of IRS agents to spy on average Americans, and raises taxes on hardworking Americans. Regardless of their attempts to redefine ‘recession,’ our country is in one.”

“This spending bill proves just how out of touch Democrats are with the average American. It’s insane to think more government is what will get us out of the mess more government created.”

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