City files order to stop ongoing demo of Tavern Building


TROY — Demolition of the rear of the Tavern Building, located at 112 – 118 W. Main St., Troy, began Wednesday morning, March 29. The city of Troy immediately filed an injunction with the Miami County Common Pleas Court to stop the demolition.

“We issued a stop work order. The property owner chose not to comply. At the same time we started work on an injunction request to the Common Pleas Court. And that was just issued by Judge Wall a little while ago,” Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington told Miami Valley Today. “So that was served on the property owner and they were told to stop work immediately.”

When asked about the ongoing moving of debris with backhoes in the rear of the building, Titterington said the workers were “piling up the debris a little bit away from the fence so that they can secure the fence a little better while this gets … sorted out, so that everything gets safe on the property.”

The sidewalks and parking spaces in front of the Tavern Building have been closed since a tornado damaged the building in 2020.

Wednesday morning’s demolition began after the Tavern Building had been cited as an unsafe building/serious hazard on Monday, March 27, by Miami County Department of Development Building Official Rob England.

The city of Troy issued the following statement Wednesday morning on the demolition:

”This morning, the city was notified that property owner 112-118 W. Main St. had begun demolishing the structure.

“’The city did not and has not authorized any demolition of any part of that structure. We have issued a stop work order and the law director is filing an injunction with the Miami County Common Pleas Court,’” Mayor Robin Oda said in the statement.

The city said further updates will be posted as available.

The Miami County Department of Development issued an updated press release Wednesday regarding the Tavern Building:

“On Monday, March 27, 2023, the Miami County Building Department issued an adjudication order citing that the building at 112-118 W. Main St. in Troy, owned by 116 West Main Street, LLC, was an unsafe building and a serious hazard to the public. The county building department was compelled by the law to issue such orders and gave a number of options to the building owners to remedy the situation.

“The Building Department’s order does not prescribe which option the owners must take, nor does the order supersede any other administrative or legal actions taken by the courts or the city of Troy. The order simply requires the situation to be remedied and all options outlined in the order must meet the legal requirements set forth by the city of Troy and any other permitting agencies.”

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