Happy anniversary!!


The annual 50th anniversary photo of Miami County residents married 50 years and longer was taken Thursday at the 2022 Miami County Fair. Row 1: Garry and Peggy Myers of Laura, 57; Greg and Linda Baker of Piqua, 50 years; Stanley and Helen Ganger, 62; Harold and Minnie Stover of Covington, 62; Gary and Patsy Jones of Tipp City, 51; Bob and Barb Bowman of Casstown, 51; Bud and Juenita Felver of Piqua, 61; Steve and Donna White of Tipp City, 52; Gary and Jennifer Green of Piqua, 56; Doug and Dolores Latham of Piqua, 58; Clarence and Susan Smith of Piqua, 59; and Bill and Susie Deaton of St. Paris, 61. Row 2: Bob and Kay Quinton of Troy, 52; Bob and Joan Fosnight of Covington, 69; Steve and Deb Jackson of Troy, 51; Lester and Carol Francis of Troy, 67; Maynard and Alfrieda Francis of Troy, 74; Carl and Donna Mote of Troy, 50; Cleo and Sue Elifritz of Troy, 61; Harold and Alyce Alexander of Troy, 63; Norma and Robert Karnehm of Conover, 66; Robert and Judy Long of Troy, 55. Row 3: Wayne and Kathy Ingle of Piqua, 56; Doug and Charlene Anderson of Casstown, 57; John and Carol Garver of West Milton, 57; Ron and Diana Poling of Troy, 50; Virginia and Norman Wolfe of Troy, 63; Milton and Donna Trotter of of Troy, 61; Doug and Carol Magin of Troy, 51; Fred and Rita Stahl of Piqua, 67; Butch and Joan Neth of Piqua, 62; Lavonne and Jim Wren of Troy, 57; and Ron and Peg Suerdieck of Tipp City, 59. Row 4: Vennard and Melodie Vorhees of Piqua, 50; Phyllis and Duane Rapp of Covington, 66; Jolene and Lynn Shellenberger of Pleasant Hill, 58; Sue and Dick Holliday of Troy, 59; Dale and Christy Motter of Fletcher, 50; David and Shary Weldy of Fletcher, 50; Bill and Cindy Westfall of Covington, 53; Sandra and Jim Christy of Piqua, 59; David and Esther Jackson of Troy, 54; and Gary and Sue Campbell of Troy, 50. Row 5: Tony and Marcy Younce of Troy, 50; Tom and Jane Warner of West Milton, 59; Linda and Frank Ventura of Piqua, 54; Carolyn and Andrew Edgerly of West Milton, 59; Chester and Carolyn Corn of Troy, 58; Dick and Gayle Hawkins of Troy, 56; Joy and Fred Heisler of Piqua, 62; Beverly and Don Konz of Piqua, 62; Jena and Dick Alberts of Piqua, 55; Marcia and Rex Maggert of West Milton, 50. Row 6: Bob and Ann Baird of Troy, 65; Jan and Steve Hamman of Troy, 52; Scott and Pat Brumbaugh of Troy, 53; Lowell and Mary Davis of Troy, 61; Les and Sharon Trittscuh of West Milton, 53; Jan and Carol Strawser of Laura, 52; and Mike and Judi Magel of Troy, 60. Row 7: Kevin and Liz Fessler of Troy, 58; Barbara and Henry Rumpff of Troy, 62; Sharon and Leonard Shaw of Ludlow Falls, 51; Steve and Jammie Detrick of Troy, 55; Carl and Carol Laughman of Conover, 61; Marilyn and Dale Morgan of Piqua, 55; Klarinda and Stephen King of Piqua, 55.

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