Higher federal taxes – why now?


To the editor:

In 2022, the Democrats controlled the US House of Representatives (Led by Speaker Pelosi), the US Senate (Led by Senator Schumer) and the Presidency (President Biden). With all that power, the Democrats decided to raise taxes in 2022 on seniors and low/middle income families. As a result of the 2022 tax policies of the Democrats, taxpayers will likely be disappointed to find out when they file their federal income tax that they are due a smaller refund, no refund at all or owe additional taxes to the government.

Why would taxpayers have more taxes due when they file their tax returns before the mid-April deadline this year? If they based their withholding from their job based on 2021 tax policies, they will be unpleasantly surprised that tax policy changed in 2022.

Seniors: The Democrats eliminated the earned income tax credit for seniors (taxpayers > 65 years old). If a senior had no withholding on their job’s income in 2022 because they had an earned income tax credit in 2021, they likely will owe more taxes this year since you no longer are eligible for the credit.

Low/Middle Income Families: The 2022 child tax credit is reduced to $2,000 versus $3,000 ($3,600

Higher taxes on seniors and low/middle income families are being imposed at the same time as high levels of inflation caused by the Democrats resulted in higher costs for gasoline, food and housing. We will have to wait for two more years for the next election to vote Republican. Maybe we will forget that the Democrats raised taxes and caused inflation in 2022. I doubt it.

Gary Koenig


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