Hollis family wins Tipp City Lights


TIPP CITY — Tipp Monroe Community Services (TMCS) once again organized a driving tour and holiday lights contest for Tipp City and Monroe Township residents called Tipp City Lights. This is the third year for the event. The contest began on Dec. 2 and ran through Dec. 20. The tour continued until Dec. 25.

Registration was completed online and all participants were added to an official map created by TMCS. The maps were available on the organization’s website and in print. Community members were encouraged to view the registered homes/businesses and to vote via text, phone or paper ballot for their favorite. There were 21 homes that participated in the contest this year.

TMCS announced the winners of the 2022 contest: first place went to the Hollis Family family at 1116 Manchester Road, second place was the McAdams family at 70 Kerr Road and third place was the Yahne family at 724 Hathaway Trail. The Hollis family won third place last year and moved up to first place this year.

“This was another great year for Christmas lights in Tipp City and Monroe Township.” She added that, “There were so many houses with decorations that weren’t on the official map that made the tour even more exciting,” said Program Coordinator Denise Gross.

Gross encourages residents to put their homes on the map next year.

Approximately 73 votes came in over the two-week event. Contest winners were recognized with a yard sign and a photo post on Facebook. TMCS plans to continue this new Tipp City tradition every year.

Earlier this month, a drawing was held out of all of the participants for a gift basket worth over $200. The winner was the Miller family.

Tipp Monroe Community Services is a local nonprofit organization responsible for identifying and filling the needs of Tipp City and Monroe Township residents. TMCS provides recreational, educational, cultural and social service programs. Visit their website for more information at www.tmcomservices.org.

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