Join me in voting for Oda for mayor


To the editor:

The campaign signs read, “conservative and common sense”, but I would add a few more adjectives in my support of Robin Oda as mayor of Troy. Loyal and enthusiastic. Robin “shows up”for Troy and is willing to stand with her convictions. Her passion for and understanding of city government has helped keep our community running smoothly. She promotes Troy! I like how she acknowledges accomplishments & milestones for city employees. She keeps us informed. She’s honest and truthful even when the truth is uncomfortable. The past few years have been a challenge as we’ve all struggled to find our way through the unkind nature of Covid, but I appreciate Robin’s leadership to keep the city safe and alive. Please join me in voting for Robin Oda for mayor. And on that note, please vote! The act of voting is a privilege and one not afforded to everyone in the world, but it is our right in America! It’s our city and we have that right to vote on who & how it’s run. Please use your privilege and vote.

Thank you

Cheryl Gibboney


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