Kathy Henne: Risk Management


By Kathy Henne

Many sellers are tempted to avoid paying a brokerage fee for representation by a real estate agent. But be careful – you can pay more when you find yourself confronted with difficult or unqualified buyers, complicate legal transactions, or confusing bank financing.

However, you more than get what you pay for when you list with a qualified professional. You’re likely to sell faster with an agent. Why? Your representative will list your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service,) and market and advertise in their professional magazines and websites.

Imagine what it would cost you to promote your home in such a manner! Plus the more quickly your home sells, the more money you’ll save on mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance, taxes, and other expenses.

What about spending your Sunday afternoons holding Open Houses for months on end? Are you willing to invite strangers into your home without knowing who they are or whether they are even qualified to make the purchase? Your agent targets the right buyers and ensures they’re qualified before they even step foot inside your home at their appointment time.

It all boils down to risk – risk that your home will languish for months, risk that you’ll waste untold dollars on untargeted advertising, risk of showing your home to people who are “just shopping” or who are not qualified to purchase your home. Take a lesson in risk management and let a professional sell your home in less time for more money.

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