Laber of Love Pet Rescue gives hospice care to old, sick animals


TROY — Laber of Love Pet Rescue was officially founded in 2019 to give the old or sick shelter pets a place to spend their last days or months so that they do not die without knowing they are loved. The mission is to provide hospice care to older pets or those with untreatable medical conditions that find themselves without a family; to allow these pets to live out the remainder of their lives with love, dignity, and comfort by providing a safe home and necessary medical care; and to provide education to the public regarding the care of these pets.

Founder, board member and Treasurer Nicole Laber has submitted the following report:

We are Volunteers with a passion to help care for senior Shelter pets so they can live out their best lives until we say goodbye. Our goal is to help as many Shelter pets as we have Fospice homes for and the funds to responsibly help.

The second part of our mission is to provide education to the public regarding the care of these senior pets. One way we do this is with our monthly Humane Education Blog, which can be found on our website at You can also meet our Board members and pets we have cared for and lost through the years.

During 2023, Laber of Love Pet Rescue welcomed six new pets and three new Fospice families into the Laber of Love family. Unfortunately, eight pets passed away while under our care during the year, but they knew love until the very end thanks to their amazing Fospice families. We currently have nine dogs and two cats in our care who have various medical conditions.

Throughout the year, many of the pets in our care underwent surgeries or other medical procedures. We also take in pets that are very ill and/or have multiple medical issues. This was the case with our most recent intake, Tiny Tim. Tim joined us in December 2023, and he presented with several medical issues. These including being partially blind due to cataracts, an enlarged heart with a severe murmur, a possible tumor at the base of his heart, a relentless cough, dermatitis, arthritis, a luxating patella, kidney disease, and was severely underweight. All of this for a tiny three-pound Pomeranian. In just six weeks, Laber of Love Pet Rescue spent over $1,200 on his care. Unfortunately, none of his issues are curable; the only thing we can do is give him comfort and love for as long as we can sustain his quality of life. This comfort consists of giving Tim 6 daily medications and all the love his foster Mom can squeeze in. While we do not put a price on the comfort and care of our pets, the cost for Tim’s care and others added up quickly. Our total Veterinary costs, including the medications and supplements our pets required, for 2023 were $22,907.39. The total spent to feed our pets was $4,347.38.

We are thankful for the monetary donations we have received. If you would like to contribute, donations can be made directly on our website at or by mailing them to P.O. Box 115, Troy, OH 45373. A new donation program we are offering this year is the monthly Heart to Heart sponsorship of one of our fospice pets. Other ways to support Laber of Love’s pets can be found on our website as well, including our Amazon Wish List.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, April 6, at The Bridge Restaurant in Sidney, Ohio, for our Grain to Glass, a Bourbon Tasting & Dinner Experience. Tickets will be available on our website soon.

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