Less is more!


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

High prices and rising interest rates have been making smaller homes an attractive option to buyers. Of course, there has always been a market for small homes, because that’s where many first-time buyers begin their home ownership experience. They are also attractive to buyers wanting to downsize to allow more time for travel and leisure activities.

Since there are more homes on the market right now, there is a lot of competition to attract the buyers. What steps can you take to prepare your home for a great offer in a reasonable amount of time? If you can’t afford to have a home decorator come in and “stage” your home, you can at least follow some of their advice.

Make your home look more spacious by using neutral colors on the walls and carpeting. Far from appearing boring, the neutral scheme will actually allow the buyers to better visualize their own decorating plans. Reduce the clutter around your home. Clean off the counter tops in the kitchen and baths. If you have lots of “stuff” on the walls, take some of it down and pack it away.

This also means rearranging the furniture, or even putting some furniture into storage, if it will help your rooms “breathe.” Take a walk through your home. Does it feel spacious or are you tripping over the coffee table? After all, you want the buyers to be able to picture their own furniture and belongings in your home. It will be easier for them to imagine moving in if you’ve already taken steps to clear the space a bit.

Details like door handles, cabinet hardware and faucets can be inexpensively updated to show your pride of ownership. Ask your agent to help you “stage” your home to attract the most buyers, then you’ll be ready to successfully compete with all the other sellers.

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