Letter: Vote for the candidate based on his views


To the Editor:

I have read several negative letters to the editor considering the Piqua commissioner races. There are claims of the “good old boys” controlling the commission or the un-elected elitists trying to mold a commission candidate to do their bidding.

Most of the Piqua citizens do not believe in negative attacks on our commission candidates. You can disagree with a candidate’s views, but you should not attack the candidate. I sometimes wonder why anyone runs for the commission.

Piqua has had trouble finding multiple candidates to run for the city commission. Potential candidates decided not to run because of the personal attacks and the untrue allegations.

The current third ward race has two good candidates. Our incumbent commission, Kris Lee, and his challenger, Nolan Campbell. Nolan has been the topic of severl negative letters to the editor. I applaud his interest in running for the commission, and it is sad that he has to deal with the negative letters to the editor.

Kris Lee has done a good jobs as commissioner. His is running against Nolan Campbell. When you vote in November, vote for the candidate based on his views for the future. Ignore the small group in the community that sit behind a computer and send out negative emails. Better yet, get involved in making our city better by helping your neighbors or volunteering on a city board.

— Joe Wilson


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