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By Haylee Pence

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TROY – Local Troy resident, Tonya Lee Carrie, is publishing a book, “I Am My Father’s Daughter…Reconciliation Heals,” which will be launched on May 20.

Carrie is a public speaker, author of another book and prayer journals, and a freelance columnist with articles in local papers, magazines, and other publications. Her public speaking includes her short story, “Daddy’s Girl,” which is a message to fathers, men, and other male role models. She has given this speech to men in prisons, jails, churches, and other venues across the country.

Carrie has also been recognized by former President of the United States Barack Obama for her service in the United States Army Reserve.

Carrie’s latest book is “[a] compelling book [that] tells one daughter’s story about her quest to be healed, transformed, free from the inside out, and reconciled with her parents and loved ones,” according to the book summary.

The books demonstrates and explains the following items:

1. “That you are not a mistake, invisible, or alone.

2. How to recognize the fundamental functions of a father.

3. How to courageously transition from the wrong side of the fence to the right side.

4. Honoring your father and mother selflessly.

5. How to walk in a Forgiving Love.

6. Becoming a Courageous Changer by overcoming fear of rejection, failure, and success.

7. How to ‘receive’ acceptance, love, and respect of self.”

“I Am My Father’s Daughter…Reconciliation Heals” was initially inspired by Carrie’s own father and her relationship with him. From that, the inspiration has grown to include her life as a mother and the life of her son as he became a father. Carrie’s son recently passed away before the book was launched.

Her dedication reads, “In the precious memory of my son, Jason Seville Howard (Sunny), this special heartfelt dedication of ‘I Am My Father’s Daughter’ is to him. I am forever grateful the Lord chose me to by my Sunny’s momma. His love came straight from the throne room of God. Growing up, I was his number one fan as he made sure he was mine, giving me big hugs and beaming smiles throughout his 39 years. Although his life on Earth ended too soon, his children, my adorable grandchildren – Josiah and Jada – live on. They are gifts that can only come from a great big God. So may this book be a generational tool for carrying on Sunny’s legacy.”

She is the founder and Director of God’s Freedom Fighters International, which hosts several faith-based events. The God’s Freedom Fighters International Organization has partnered with the Troy Rec Center to host the Unforgettable Fathers and Daughters Dinner Dance from 5:30-9:30 p.m. on June 18. Tickets are $45 per parent/child duo and an additional $15 for each guest. The tickets can be purchased at the Troy Rec or online at Eventbrite.com. The event is to honor Carrie’s son and help kick off the release of her book.

The message that she wants teens and young adults to get from her book is that they are not invisible, and Carrie wants those who are inspired to give unconditional love and acceptance.

Carrie’s new book “I Am My Father’s Daughter…Reconciliation Heals” will be available on Amazon.com.

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