MC Commissioners discuss finance issue with BOE


By Eamon Baird

[email protected]

TROY — David Fisher, chairman of the Miami County Board of Elections, (BOE) addressed the Miami County Commissioners about a discrepancy in funds during its Thursday meeting on Oct. 5.

During the previous meeting, the commissioners issued and read a press release concerning a product valued at approximately $172,000 that was received by the BOE without following the county’s procurement policies.

Fisher spoke with the commissioners during the public comment section of the meeting to discuss this issue.

“It seems like we’ve got some confusion over our polling books, and hopefully we can straighten that out. I know there’s an issue that we do have poll books in our possession. Our staff, because we were doing training to get ready for this election, requested some extra poll books, and they sent them all to us,” Fisher said.

In May, the BOE voted to use KNOWiNK as the company to provide poll books, but Fisher said the company sent more books than the board requested.

Commissioner Wade Westfall said proper procedures weren’t followed by the BOE.

“There’s no question that the board of elections decided that these books need to be acquired; the only issue that this board has, and the department has the responsibility to process all of this paperwork,” Westfall said.

Commissioner Ted Mercer added that the commissioners are not questioning the integrity of the election board but wanted to ensure proper steps are followed moving forward.

“We represent the taxpayers, and things have to be done correctly, and when they’re not, we make it a point to show people that it wasn’t done properly, and we just need to make sure that going forward, this will happen,” Mercer said.

In other business, among the numerous items approved or were accepted by the commissioners, include:

• Rumpke Waste & Recycling Services of Greenville to provide waste and recycling services for the Commerce Center at a cost of $579.43 per month for weekly trash pick-up and a one-time container delivery fee of $100. The contract, which went into effect on Oct. 1, 2023, is for 36 months.

• One add-on license for Palo Alto Cortex XDR End-Point Protection Software from MNJ Technologies Inc., of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, for $7,650. The data board approved the purchase on Sept. 27, 2023.

• Removal of decommissioned Harris EDACS equipment from five remote buildings in Piqua, West Milton, Tipp City, 911 Tower, and Brandt by WS Electronics of Xenia to reduce stress and add to the longevity of the buildings at a cost of $18,000.

• A lease agreement at no cost for the Miami County Amateur Radio Club to place radio equipment on buildings located at 124 ½ East Ash St, Piqua, and 3025 S. County Road 25 A, Tipp City. The Miami County Radio Club provides communication assistance during disasters.

• To authorize the Miami County Mental Health Court to submit a State Crisis Intervention Program to the Office of Criminal Justice Services for $150,000. These funds will be applied to support the salary and benefits for one full-time probation for the next two years.

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