MCSO reminds drivers to stop for school buses with flashing lights


TROY — The Miami County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) is reminding the public that most school districts are opening this week and to please drive safely and stop for school buses when their lights are flashing.

School bus right of way rules for non-divided highways

In almost all states, it is the law to stop for a stopped child carrying bus whether you are approaching or are behind the bus on a non-divided roadway, said a post of the MCSO’s Facebook page. An exception to this rule is Washington State where you may pass a stopped bus as long as the roadway is three lanes or more and you are in an opposing lane. The same holds true in Ohio when a roadway has four lanes or more. But in every other state, as long as you are on a non-divided roadway, you must stop for a bus unloading school children.

School bus right of way rules for divided highways

On a divided highway, you do not have to stop for a stopped school bus, even if the lights are flashing, as long as you are in the opposing traffic lanes. This is true for all states except: West Virginia; Arkansas, when the divider is less than 20-foot-wide; Mississippi; and New York State.

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