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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is part two of the May 9 inspection of Dragon City in Piqua. Part one of the inspection is in the June 10 edition of the Miami Valley Today and is also available on

Information was provided by Miami County Public Health.

May 9

• Dragon City, 1598 Covington Ave., Piqua: Follow-Up Inspection.

The following violation(s) have been corrected since the last inspection:

PIC: duties – ensure employees are properly cooking TCS foods – At time of inspeciton, no thermometer was present for taking temperatures of food items. Obtain metal stemmed thermometer and take food temperatures as required.

Packaged and unpackaged food – preventing contamination by separation, packaging, and segregation – At time of inspection, observed raw meats and eggs in the walk-in cooler to be stored above ready-to-eat foods. Ensure proper storage order is implemented.

Handwashing sinks – hand drying provision – At time of inspection, observed front handsink to not be stocked with paper towels or other hand drying provision.

Equipment food-contact surfaces and utensils – cleaning frequency – At time of inspection, no sanitizer was present on site making all equipment and food contact surfaces unclean and not properly sanitized.

Poisonous or toxic materials: Restriction – At time of inspection, observed pesticide applicators and pesticides throughout the facility. Pesticides, except for incidental use as defined in 07.1(C)(3), can be applied only by a licensed pest control contractor.

Cooling methods – temperature and time control – At time of inspection, observed foods that were cooling overnight in the walk-in cooler and observed to be at 48 F or greater. Foods need to be cooled from 135 F to 70 F within 2 hours, and then cooled from 70 F to below 41 F in an additional 4 hours.

Insect control devices – design and installation – At time of inspection, observed fly strips hanging above food prep and handwashing areas. Fly strips cannot be positioned above these areas.

Plumbing system – maintained in good repair – At time of inspection, observed handsink near back door to be leaking. Repair handsink so does not leak.

Controlling pests – At time of inspection, observed rodent droppings throughout the facility.

Nonfood-contact surfaces – materials – At time of inspection, observed cardboard placed on top of many non-food contact surfaces. Cardboard cannot be used as a cover for food or non-food contact surfaces as it is not smooth, easily cleanable, and non-porous.

Single-service articles and single-use articles – use limitation – At time of inspeciton, observed cans being reused to store other sauces and food items. Single use articles shall not be reused.


Improvement was seen throughout the facility from May 6th, 2022 consultation when management voluntarily closed the food service. At time of this follow up inspection, management was able to meet the agreed food safety criteria provided by the Miami County Public Health Department to reopen the food service to the public. Person-in-Charge (PIC) understands that the facility may reopen once all utensils, equipment, and other food contact/prep surfaces are properly washed, rinsed, and sanitized. Furthermore, PIC shall continue to implement and follow all items reviewed in this report to ensure facility is not a danger to the Public’s Health.

PIC obtained: thin stemmed thermometers for taking temperatures of foods, drain stoppers for effectively filling and use of the 3-bay sink, and handsoap for the back handsink.

PIC must obtain level one person in charge food safety certification for at least one employee per shift. Information was given to PIC at previous consultation inspection on May 6th, 2022.

Take temperatures of cooling foods, hot holding foods, and cold holding foods (coolers), to ensure food is kept <41 F or >135 F.

Gave PIC food safety handouts created by Columbus City Health Department in Chinese (Mandarin) to assist in education on proper food safety practices. Inspector also went over these handouts during the inspection to ensure critical food safety concepts were covered and understood by the PIC.

Discussed date marking and Chinese (Mandarin) date marking handout with PIC so they know when and how to date mark foods, and when to discard date marked foods to follow the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code (OAC) and maintain food safety.

Discussed cooling procedures and Chinese (Mandarin) cooling methods handout with PIC so they know when and how to cool foods, and when to discard or reheat foods to follow the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code (OAC) and maintain food safety.

During inspection, assisted PIC in setting up the 3-bay sink. 3-bay sink was set up, and test strips were used to test the bleach sanitizer concentration (~50 ppm at time of inspection).

If the facility reverts to conditions and practices resembling what was initially observed on May 6th 2022 inspection, the process will begin to suspend or revoke the food license with the Miami County Board of Health.

A reinspection will occur on or after 05-18-2022 to ensure progress is being made on the violations listed in the consultation reports from 05-06-22 and this report (05-09-22).

For the reinspection, focus on the following items:

Paper towel holder in the restroom.

Clean mold like build up in restroom on walls and around toilet.

Prep table in front of handsink in front near register. Move table so handsink is easily accessible from the front.

Fill holes around floor and wall junctions and install cove base.

Move rack with canned goods so the 3-bay sink is easily accessible.

Increase lighting throughout facility. 50 foot candles or greater in prep area and cooking area, and 10 foot candles or greater in walk-in cooler/freezer and dry stock area.

Get vent hood professionally cleaned.

Get a pest control contractor out to treat and place traps for pests.

Ensure prep sink air gap is at least 2 inches between the bottom of the pipe and the flood rim of the floor sink.

Stop reuse of single use containers and ensure food is kept in food grade containers.

Remove or replace cutting board on prep-cooler that is very dirty and marred.

Scrub 3-bay sink so it is clean and free of any hard water build up or debris build up.

Cover foods in walk-in cooler and reach-in cooler.

Designate an area for dented cans separate from canned good storage. Do not use dented cans.

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