Miami County real estate transactions


Huber Heights

• D.R. Horton – Indiana, LLC to Dwight Chillious and Stephanie Chillious, two lots, $447,800.

• D.R. Horton – Indiana, LLC to Jamie Jo Brown and Lucas Randall Brown, two lots, $456,100.

• John E. Buck and Patricia L. Buck to Kimberly Theresa Trowles and Patrick Dwayne Trowles, two lots, $400,000.

• Brooke J. Simons to Rachel Sue Headley and Tyler Allen Rowland, two lots, $349,900.

• NVR, INC to Eldar Mamedov, two lots, $532,200.

• Jennifer Miller and Nathanial S. Miller to Joseph Daniel Miller II and Jailyn Marie Miller, two lots, $479,900.

• NVR, INC to Betsy C. McMillen and David E. McMillen, two lots, $281,600.

• Sidonia N. Williamson, Warren W. Williamson, and Warren Williamson, Attorney-in-Fact, to Audrey Grenga and Paolo N. Grenga, M.D., two lots, $382,500.

• NVR, INC to Krish Patel, two lots, $517,200.

• D.R. Horton – Indiana, LLC to David Allen and Deborah Kim Allen, two lots, $399,900.

• D.R. Horton – Indiana, LLC to Bayram Ismailov and Zaida Mamedova, two lots, $389,000.


• Barbara A. Schwarz to Kyra R. Buchanan, three lots, $90,000.

• Susan Jones and Tommy J. Jones to Kimberly S. Klohe and Matthew J. Klohe, one lot, $79,900.

• Barbara A. Coverstone, Pamela S. Fisher, and William R. Fisher to Regena L. MacFalda, one lot, $202,500.

• Carolina Ivette Ramos and Heather Ramos to Nicholas Cottom, two lots, $208,000.

• H & J Home Improvements, LLC to Jarret R. Avey and Lauryn C. Avey, one lot, $175,000.

• Della K. Voris and Wayne A. Voris to Gerald Bacon, one lot, $69,500.

• KSR Properties, LLC to Joshua A. Moles, two lots, $80,000.

• David S. Reardon and Gail A. Reardon to Kelly Cheadle, one lot, $58,000.

• Jean E. Routson and Michael M. Routson to Alisha Ann Routson, one lot, $0.

• Stanton T. Strohmenger and Tante J. Strohmenger to Strohmenger Properties, LLC, Series A, one lot, $0.

• David J. Rankin and Dawn S. Rankin to Lynne M. Steele, one lot, $240,000.

• Piqua Champion Holding Co., LLC to William E. Didier Sr., one lot, $50,000.

• Jack Pleasant and Sarah Pleasant to Corrine N. Millet, one lot, $125,000.

• Vanessa R. Cook to Loop4, LLC, one lot, $75,000.

• Kathleen Erwin and Michael Erwin to Arch City Realty Group, LLC, one lot, $120,000.

Pleasant Hill

• Cohen L. Church to Lesa Davis, one lot, $124,900.

Tipp City

• Nathan E. Snell and Rebecca C. Snell to Georgia Munns and Keith Munns, one lot, $255,100.

• Brandon W. Trappe and Jennifer L. Trappe to Brandon W. Trappe and Jennifer L. Trappe, one lot, $0.

• Brian G. Brown and Collin A. Brown to Emma McKenzie and Jordan McKenzie, one lot, $465,000.

• Chrisjo Properties, LLC to SFR3-080, LLC, two lots, $73,000.

• OTT-A-Matic, LLC to Process Equipment Company Welding Services, LLC, five lots, $385,000.


• Alyson J. Wolf and Jonathan P. Wolf to Amanda Brumbaugh and Eric Brumbaugh, one lot, $368,500.

• Jessica I. Craft and Willie W. Craft Jr. to Brenton M. Maiberger and Chelsea M. Maiberger, one lot, $449,900.

• Brian E. Peters and Heather Peters to Nyles N. Anderson and Taylor L. Curtis, one lot, $155,000.

• Marshall O. Sullivan and Seneca S. Sullivan to Alexandria K. Keller and Shawn M. Keller, one lot, $365,000.

• Jerry Hicks and Melanie A. Hicks, F.K.A.; Melanie A. Phelps to Margoles Doris, one lot, $82,900.

• Harbor West Land Company, LLC to S.M. O’Neal Construction, LLC, one lot, $59,900.

• Cathy Lucas and Jesse Lucas to Daniell M. Iles and Don E. Iles, one lot, $10,000.

• Daniell M. Iles, Don E. Iles, A.K.A.; Evan Iles, Cathy Lucas, and Jesse Lucas to Daniell M. Iles and Don E. Iles, one lot, $10,000.

• David A. Devall Jr. to David A. Devall Jr. and Jessica Powell, one lot, $0.

• Troy Land Development, INC to NVR, INC, one lot, $70,900.

• Stephanie M. Ciarlariello, Executor and Estate of Linda K. Wright to Marilyn M. Nash, one lot, $231,500.

• Mary Kathryn Rike, A.K.A.; Mary Kay Rike to Pamela Good and Steven Good, one lot, $258,700.

• Halifax Land Company, LLC to Celene Properties, LLC, three lots, $131,700.

• Jerry M. Leszinske and Shirley A. Leszinske to Stacy Warnacke, one lot, $220,000.

• Zhuoying Shi Perdue to Sara E. Stouch and Timony T. Stouch, one lot, $330,000.

• James A. Earick and Susan M. Earick to Eric R. Cremeans, one lot, $160,000.

• Jennifer Pierce and Richard Pierce to Jocelyn Pierce and Richard Nathanial Pierce, one lot, $105,000.

• Dee Rental Group, LLC to Regal Investments Ohio, LTD, two lots, $601,000.

• Ann Davies Moyer and Thomas J. Moyer to Ian A. Niles and Julia K. Niles, one lot, $190,000.

• Halifax Land Company, LLC to Carrie A. Kendall and Matthew D. Kendall, one lot, $59,900.

West Milton

• Barbara S. Falin and Denny R. Falin to Barbara S. Falin and Denny R. Falin, one lot, $0.

• Richard L. Noll Jr., A.K.A.; Rick Noll to Richard L. Noll Jr., A.K.A.; Rick Noll and Teri Smith, two lots, $0.

Bethel Township

• James V. Martin Jr. and Vicky S. Martin to James V. Martin Jr., one lot, $0.

• Richard F. Hurst to James H. Hatton Jr. and Melissa L. Hatton, 2.216 acres, $285,000.

• Amy L. Landes and Danny L. Landes to Brenner R. Landes, 1.754 acres, $155,000.

Brown Township

• Joseph B. Sampson and Michaelle A. Sampson, A.K.A.; Michelle A. Sampson to Preston F. Carter and Sofia V. Carter, one lot, $220,000.

• Kelly M. Cook and William O. Cook to Debbie Wilson, 5.004 acres, $325,000.

• Michael D. Rayburn and Patricia A. Rayburn to John T. Cottrell and Peggy Cottrell, 1.991 acres, $199,900.

• Jeffrey E. Francis and Tonia L. Francis to Jeffrey E. Francis and Tonia L. Francis, 133.001 acres, $0.

Concord Township

• Estate of Linda L. Shuman and Tia J. Maurer, Executrix to Todd Everett Shuman, one lot, $139,800.

• Lorraine Jackson and Ronald D. Jackson to Donald L. Honeyman, two acres, $140,000.

• Horizon West Troy, LLC to Denlinger & Sons Builders, LTD, one lot, $79,900.

• Denlinger & Sons Builders, LTD to Kendra Morton and Tom Morton, one lot, $524,000.

• Marilyn D. Diehl and Martha E. Diehl to Dale Bowman and Linda Bowman, 29.659 acres, $296,600.

Monroe Township

• Mari M. Wruble to Up North Construction, LTD, one lot, $372,500.

• Cynthia Jene Fant and Michael Fant to Sarabjit Kaur and Jaswinder Singh, 2.4103 acres, $144,000.

• Elizabeth Ann Miller to Jennifer A. Roberts, one lot, $305,000.

• David A. Jones, Donna G. Jones, Debra G. Ward, and James D. Ward, to John G. Green, 81.676 acres, $533,400.

• James D. Bennett and Deanna L. Hardin to Matthew Sanker, one lot, $290,000.

Newberry Township

• Dennis William Ely and Julie Ely to Amy L. Ely and Rus A. Ely, A.K.A.; Rus Alan Ely, 81.868 acres, $337,100.

Springcreek Township

• Richard Rannells, Richard Thomas Rannells, and Roseanna Rannells to Richard Thomas Rannells and Roseanna Elizabeth Rannells, 1.091 acres, $0.

• Adam Ford, Dianna Lynn Ford, and Spencer Atticus Ford to Aaron J. Kaiser, 0.760 acres, $210,000.

Union Township

• Triple D and B, LLC to BRE Properties, LLC, five lots, $155,000.

• Terry J. Foster, A.K.A.; Terry Joe Foster, Terry Joe Foster, Attorney-in-Fact, Vickie Lynn Foster, Carla M. Monnin, and Nicholas L. Monnin to Terry Joe Foster, Carla M. Monnin, and Nicholas L. Monnin, 1.00 acres, $0.

• Deborah K. Kelley and Landiel C. Kelley to Jason C. Kelley, Trustee, Landial and Deborah Kelley Irrevocable Trust, and Landiel Kelley and Deborah Kelley Irrevocable Trust, one acre, $0.

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