Miami County voters will consider new aggregation program


TROY – In the upcoming November election, Miami County residents in townships and in unincorporated areas will have the opportunity to vote on the decision for these areas of the county to join an aggregation program.

The process started when AES Ohio announced their rate increase to $.11, according to Bob Snavely, energy consultant with Palmer Energy Company. Snavely works with the County Commissioners Association Energy Programs (CCAO) under Palmer Energy.

The Miami County Commissioners have been working with Snavely and other team members to introduce the issue to the upcoming Nov. 8 ballot. Newberry Township will be excluded from this, as they already participate in an aggregation program.

According to Snavely, the more households that participate will increase the county’s buying power and will ultimately lower the cost.

If the issue passes on Election Day, there will be several steps before the aggregation program begins. Letters will be sent out to appropriate households to allow households to opt-out of the program. Snavely states that there will be no fee to join and no fee to exit at any time. The earliest that the program can begin is in the spring of 2023, according to Snavely.

He would like to advise the residents of Miami County that are searching for cost effective options to check the contracts for any fees associated with leaving and possibly breaking their contracts. He also advises individuals who won’t be affected by the aggregation, but can still vote on the issue to vote for their neighbors.

Snavely said the biggest advantage to an aggregation program is the savings residents see. The program sets a consistent electric and natural gas rate which allows for budget certainty. Small businesses can also enter into the aggregation program.

“As long as the program is managed properly, there aren’t disadvantages,” he said.

Snavely went on to describe scenarios where some aggregations don’t see the money savings if the program isn’t managed correctly.

Cities and townships that are currently in an aggregation agreement, once their current agreement expires, can enter into the county’s aggregation agreement, according to Snavely.

“Electric and natural gas aggregation is an opportunity with no entrance fees or exit fees. At times with a volatile market, like now, it’s a great option,” Snavely said.

For more information, visit the Palmer Energy website at or contact the Miami County Commissioners at 937-440-5910.

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