No on Reece


To the editor:

In a FB conversation I asked Mr. Reece what his position was on the legitimacy of the 2020 Presidential election, and if he believed it was rigged/stolen. He responded “….as a candidate I do believe the election was stolen …”. Such accusations have been reviewed and rejected in over 60 court challenges. Recounts were conducted in several states and fraud was not substantiated that would change the results. Republican Governors and Secretary’s of State have upheld the accuracy of the election results in their states.

I am alarmed that a candidate for Sheriff, with an extensive law enforcement background, would put credence into the conspiracy theories of those Trump White House attorneys labeled “Team Crazy,” and would disregard the Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity determination that the 2020 election was “…the most secure in American history.” I do not support an election denier serving in the Office of Miami County Sheriff when the rule of law, and the credibility of the court system, could be at risk.

John Digel


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