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By Haylee Pence

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TROY – OffBeat Publishing dba OffBeat Reads is a Troy publishing company that focuses on publishing stories that many larger publishing companies wouldn’t publish.

OffBeat Reads is owned and operated by Robert Kimbrell, Michelle Hawkins, Michael Toeset and an anonymous member.

Kimbrell is the editor-in-chief. He is also an entrepreneur, an author, and a Kain Ramsay certified life coach.

Hawkins is the business administrator with OffBeat Reads. She is also an entrepreneur and an artist.

Toeset is also an editor and advisor. He is also an author and journalist.

The group met through local book clubs and through discussions they discovered that there were many authors and writers that were intimidated by the publishing companies and the process preventing them from sending out their stories.

“They were fearful of being rejected,” said Kimbrell. “We’re trying to be a net in the sea and take stories off the beaten path.”

OffBeat Reads was started in 2020, and according to Kimbrell, it took them about a year to get a good start. As of recently, the company has published eight books with two more in the works. Some of the books will also be released as hardback copies.

Kimbrell commented, “It wasn’t hard to start, but it’s been hard to keep going.”

Kimbrell encourages inspiring writers to “be disciplined.” To do that, he suggests getting up every day and writing along with setting goals.

“Let go of the fears and forget your feelings and write,” said Kimbrell.

The company accepts all types of genres, excluding erotica. They require stories to be new and original stories. They also publish “Adventures to Go,” a quarterly anthology of short stories. “Adventures to Go” feature popular older short stories and new, unique short stories.

OffBeat Reads settled in Troy, as Kimbrell is a Miami County native.

“We love what Troy used to be and what it has become. We would like to be known as a company that gives something to people. Stories are the backbone to cultures,” said Kimbrell.

Currently, the company is in the process of talking with libraries for collaborations and events like author book signings.

For more information on OffBeat Reads, its books and “Adventures to Go,” visit The publishing business can also be found on social media on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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