Organization withdraws legal efforts to remove Tipp City BOE members


TIPP CITY — The Tipp Concerned Citizens (TCC) group has dropped a legal complaint that was filed to remove two Tipp City Board of Education members.

TCC been working for over two years to have two school board members removed due to concerns over micromanagement of school administrators, mismanagement of district funds, abuse of power and violations of Ohio’s Sunshine Laws

A community petition was published in May of 2021 with over 500 signatures asking Board members Theresa Dunaway and Anne Zakkour to voluntarily resign in the spring of 2021 for the benefit of the district.

The Tipp City Education Association issued a vote of “no confidence” due to public comments made by Zakkour, and Board President Simon Patry issued a “resolutions of censure” document for the entire board alleging misconduct. Despite these occurrences, Dunaway and Zakkour refused to resign, according to TCC.

The volunteer group, TCC,, then gathered approximately 1,500 petition signatures through the last quarter of 2021 and filed a legal complaint was filed on Dec. 8, 2021, requesting their removal. After significant legal delays in 2022, a court date was finally set for October 2023, but only to hear legal challenges from Dunaway and Zakkour regarding the validity of signatures on the petition and other procedural/jurisdictional matters, not the merits of the case brought against them.

“We have agreed that it’s not fiscally responsible or in the best interest of our community to continue through the legal process for removal of Dunaway and Zakkour,” said TCC member Karen Kaibas.

A total of three board seats will expire on Dec. 31, 2023, with an election in November to fill those seats.

“It makes more sense for our community to focus on the significant challenges facing our school system. We need to get strong, capable candidates to run for the school board,” said Doug Cook, TCC member.

The individuals of the TCC group believe in the original issues brought up in the petition. It was signed by approximately 1,500 citizens who also saw that the petition had merit and wanted to see the petition reviewed in a court of law. Although this petition is now being formally withdrawn, TCC encourages all community members to stay informed and continue to be involved for the betterment of our schools and community.

Visit for more information on why the group has dropped the complaint to remove Zakkour and Dunaway and how individuals concerned can become more involved in the school district proceedings.

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