Registered sex offender sentenced on charges


TROY – Michael Fowler Jr., 49, of Dayton, was sentenced Monday, Oct. 24, in the Miami County Court of Common Pleas to five years of prison time with five years of post-release control, along with forfeiture of his vehicle for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

Fowler was found guilty by a jury on Oct. 7 after a two-day jury trial.

According to Judge Jeannine N. Pratt, Fowler has a history of offenses involving minors. Pratt discussed the court’s obligation to punish the offense and protect society, specifically protecting the young girls in society.

During the sentencing, the mother of the victim read a letter about the impact that the incident has had on her daughter and her family. She asked the judge to give Fowler the maximum sentence. A letter from the victim also asked the judge to give the maximum sentence.

According to Pratt, the incident occurred while Fowler was on post-release control on another charge.

Pratt said, “You keep committing the same type of crime over and over. You will continue to reoffend.” She went on to say how Fowler finds them, grooms them, and uses the same methods to do so.

According to the press release, Fowler’s modus operandi (MO) involved using a variety of social media sites to post vape pens for sale. He would then meet primarily juveniles to sell the vape pens and as a way of introducing himself.

The prosecuting attorney requested a post-release control enhancement, but Pratt denied the request.

Following Fowler’s release from prison, he will be required to register as a tier II sex offender and will have to register every six months for 25 years.

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