Vote Republican Nov. 8


To the editor:

If you vote for ANY Democrats on November 8, 2022, you are supporting these policies:

• less police…more crime

• less bail and jail….more criminals on the street

• open borders…more illegals from over 50 countries (many criminals) on our streets

• open borders….draining our social service systems, health care, and schools

• open borders…..skyrocketing heroin and fentanyl overdoses

• less energy production….higher gas and home heating prices

• higher gas and fertilizer prices….less food production, higher grocery bills

• more sex programs forced on our young children….gender and sexuality confusion

• increased government spending….higher inflation

• higher inflation….higher interest rates

• higher interest rates….fewer home purchases

• increased money for foreign conflicts….31 trillion dollars in debt

We must VOTE for Republicans and then hold our elected officials accountable to help make our country safe, secure, and profitable once again.

Mary Ellen Buechter


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