Renew the Hayner levy


To the Editor:

If you live in Troy, you most likely are familiar with Troy-Hayner Cultural Center. You may have taken children, grandchildren, or visiting friends to see exhibits from photography to fiber arts, to paintings or student art shows. Maybe you attended summer outdoor concerts or attended other musical events throughout the year. Maybe you just roamed through this beautiful mansion, especially during the holidays, when it is stunningly decorated and provides a great backdrop for a family photo. There are ballet demonstrations and family fun days and all of the above are free! What a gift to our town and it is because in 1942, Mary Jane Hayner left her fabulous home to the community.

How do we keep this gift? We renew the levy that provides about 82 percent of the operating costs. Please join us in voting “Yes” for the Hayner renewal levy.

— Doug and Wanda Tremblay


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